Bandeirantes: Based in São Paulo, through flagship TV Bandeirantes São Paulo channel 13. Founded in May 13th, 1967. The network has 18 owned stations in major markets and country spots and some 60 affiliates. It is the only network in the world that goes by a nickname: "Band".

Band Ident
Click for larger image A very short Bandeirantes ident. The main motif relates to Brasil´s colors and rythym music. They have longer versions that are rarely seen.

Click for larger image Jornal da Band
Main anchor Carlos Nascimento gives us the headlines for the day, direct from the Band newscenter in São Paulo city. It was once called Jornal Bandeirantes. Former anchors include Marília Gabriela (a former Globo reporter, now at Globo´s GNT cable channel) and Paulo Henrique Amorim (also a former Globo reporter, currently at Record). The theme is composed by brazilian musician and singer Oswaldo Montenegro.
second clip - The newscast gets personal at the ending, with Carlos Nascimento´s signature on screen. He is also the editor-in-chief for Jornal da Band. After that, a promo states that Bandeirantes was selected the network with most editorial independence, according to a recent public opinion poll.

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