Television in the Netherlands, has to be one of the most complex broadcasting systems in the world. Put simply, there are basically 2 groups - Public Broadcasting (Publieke Omroepen) and Commercial Broadcasters.
Publieke Omroepen (PO) transmits 5 radio and 3 national terrestrial tv channels - Nederland 1,2 and 3. They do not make any programmes, instead various broadcasters provide programmes to broadcast on it's 3 channels. Broadcasters can appear across any of the 3 networks, and sometimes on 2 networks at once.
* Big Broadcasters : AVRO, VARA, NCRV, TROS, KRO, VPRO, EO
* Smaller Broadcasters : NPS, BNN
* Narrowcasters : NOS, TELEAC-NOT, RVU, STER
* Cultural and religious Stations : HO, OHM, NIK, RKK, BO, ZVK
* Government-backed organisations : SOCUTERA, PB51, PP, 3VN
Commercial broadcasters are only available via satellite, up until 1992, they we're not allowed to broadcast from the Netherlands. Unlike the public broadcasters, they are allowed to show adverts during a programme.
* Commercial Broadcasters HMG (RTL Nederland) operate RTL4, RTL5, Yorin
* SBS (ABC) operate Net5, SBS6, Veronica (old V8, FOX8)
* MTV operate TMF, Nickelodeon, MTV Holland
* Fox operate Fox Fids
* Canal + operate Canal+, Blauw, Canal+ Rood, Canal+ Geel, (The National Geographic Channel and The Discovery Channel are transmitted in Dutch by Canal+)
* Turner (News Corp) operate Cartoon Network and TCM

With thanks to Jean Claude Tackaert, Patrick Mulder and Michel Van Dijk for their help, contributions and recordings for this section of TVARK.