6 News at 6.00 - Talent Open
A similar open, here, to the WBZ 2002 open, with the re-arranging letters at the bottom, the shots of the city, and the logo animation.

6 News at Noon - Talent Open
Here, WRGB uses a somewhat softer version of "Enforcer" by Frank Gari.

6 News at 6pm
This clip definitely gives you more of a morning-feel than the others. "Channel 6 News is EVERYWHERE, Live, The Most Watched News Station in the Capital Region. This is Channel 6 First News."

6 News at 5.00
In 2003 WRGB went for a more flashy look and borrowed their graphics package from WBBM. The music here is "News in Focus" by John Hegner.

6 News at 5.00 - Talent Open
WRGB uses this set for their 5-6:30 block but uses their other set with the Albany backdrop for everything else.

6 News at 11.00 - Talent Open
At, 11:00, WRGB used the "Hard News" cut from "News in Focus."

CBS6 News
In 2004 WRGB changed from "Channel 6" to "CBS 6" and they again turned to WBBM for graphics. The opens are the same for all of their newscasts.

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