Lorraine Heggessey became BBC One controller in 2001, and made no secret of the fact she hated the balloon. It was "slow and distant", she said, and a review of BBC One's branding got under way. When the new look was unveiled on Good Friday 2002, not only was it the end for the balloon but also the globe which had been associated with BBC One since 1964. In its place, eight new idents with a dance theme filmed all over Britain.
The BBC ONE logo adopted the "box" style of BBC2 and was positioned in the bottom left corner of the screen. Lorraine Heggessey says the new idents - with disabled dancers and various races - reflect the BBC's "own internationalism and multiculturalism". But opponents have slated their "token political correctness" and some believe they say nothing about the channel.
A station clock WAS designed for the new look, but at the last minute BBC Marketing decided not to use it. This infamously placed BBC One in an embarrassing position just a day into the rebrand. The idents were designed by Lambie-Nairn, at a cost of 700,000. Remember the BBC can only do this because of the unique way it is funded. By us.

Click for larger image BBC One Capoeira idents
Click for larger image Two dancers perform this Brazilian movement on a rooftop in central London. Capoeira was filmed on the helicopter launch pad on the roof of the International Press Centre (IPC) tower on Shoe Lane, Holborn. Filming took place on a Saturday to minimise disruption to office workers below.
This was the first of the idents to be shown at 0900 (although this isn't that first broadcast).

Click for larger image BBC One Salsa ident
Click for larger image Now the political correctness kicks in. A gathering of couples (of all ages) perform lively Salsa movements; the sequence was filmed in Sarratt, Hertfordshire.

Click for larger image BBC One Acrobats ident
Click for larger image Three acrobats suspended from the ceiling of London's Royal Horticultural Halls perform spectacular tumbles while unravelling themselves from red sashes.

Click for larger image BBC One Haka ident
Click for larger image Fourteen beefy rugby players demonstrate this traditional Maori movement from New Zealand. The sequence was filmed in Gilfach Goch, Wales. Not exactly appropriate material for introducing the news...
The ident was withdrawn in mysterious circumstances in 2005 - previously, Maoris had complained about the BBC's use of the Haka.

Click for larger image BBC One Hip Hop ident
Click for larger image Regarded by some as the most controversial sequence in the package. Three wheelchair-bound dancers - led by Ade Adepitan, dance to a hip hop theme on a basketball court. Filmed at the world-famous Shepperton studios.

Click for larger image BBC One Ballet ident
Click for larger image Ten ballerinas dressed in red stretch out in Cornwall's Minack Theatre. Perhaps the most serious of the idents, but still no match for the punctuation only a clock can provide. Ballet is now relegated to serious or solemn occasions and was the last dance ident to be shown in 2006.

Click for larger image BBC One Tapdogs ident
Click for larger image No, not Michael Flatley but Tapdogs, Dein Perry's troupe of more contemporary tap dancers strutting their stuff in an industrial setting. Filmed at Littlebrook Power Station in Dartford, Kent.

Click for larger image BBC One Festival ident
Click for larger image This really scrapes the barrel. From an initial shot of two girls dancing at a rave, the camera pans out to reveal a huge crowd at Bovingdon Airfield, Hertfordshire. A desperate attempt by the BBC to connect with the younger generation, using unashamed stereotypes.

Click for larger image BBC One Music Video ident
Click for larger image Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse...along comes the first addition to the set. First seen on 4th October to coincide with the launch of "Fame Academy". The girl in the centre bears a resemblance to former EastEnder Carly Hillman, though it's unlikely to be her.

Click for larger image BBC One Bollywood ident
Click for larger image Ident 10 launched on 8th November; Bollywood features a lively Indian dance and higher production values than the original set. On launch it was seen as the best of a bad bunch, others felt it patronising and perhaps it does have a "Goodness Gracious Me" feel. There's 23 seconds here, most of it clean.

BBC One Christmas idents
There was much speculation about what form the Christmas ident would take this year. Children - dressed as snowflakes - fall to earth and run round in circles. A pleasant surprise for the cynics and reminiscent of the "revolving" age; compare this with 1986. Here is the extended first showing, from Saturday 21 December. The slower-paced version was seen before serious programmes.

Click for larger image BBC One Tango ident
from 02.01.2003
Click for larger image "Tango" debuted on Thursday 02 January, and was used for all junctions that night. It avoids the ballroom setting you might expect and instead the action takes place outside a terrace cafe. There's a colossal 27 seconds for you here; not sure about the announcement though!

BBC One Tai Chi idents
from 02.01.2003
Things were quite for almost six months - then Tai Chi launched on 15 June. This is the extended first showing, into EastEnders. The Martin Shaw lookalike is Malcolm Pollock, a Scottish Tai Chi instructor who has also worked as an adviser for Monarch Of The Glen. The right-way-up variant sometimes used before news programmes. The sequence was filmed on Rannoch Moor, Scotland.

Click for larger image BBC One Tai Chi ident
Click for larger image A clean version of the main ident

Click for larger image BBC One Skateboarders ident
Click for larger image These idents are full of surprises, none more so than the latest addition Skateboarders. It could have been tacky and "yoof"-like but instead is graceful and balloon-esque; good music too. The action takes place at Belfast's Harland and Wolf docks. Here's the first showing on Friday 5th September.

Click for larger image BBC One Christmas Ident
Click for larger image Unfortunately the BBC did not give us an ident for 2003, so instead the 2002 version was reused.

Click for larger image BBC One Maasai ident
Click for larger image While 2003 saw a definite maturity to BBC1's idents, this was not a trend which continued with Maasai, the first effort of 2004. Shot on location in Africa by the crew of BBC1's "Big Cat Diary", a tribe of Maasai warriors bob up and down for the cameras. First shown at 7pm on Monday 5th January.

For the first time ever, BBC One did not commission a Christmas ident in 2003 and instead re-used the previous year's symbol. This did not go down well with the viewing public and attracted complaints even from those not usually interested in television branding. So this year the Christmas ident was back with a vengeance and one lucky Blue Peter viewer was going to design it.
In September a competition was held to design the symbol to be seen between BBC One programmes during the holiday period. There were two categories; the under 8s and 8s and over.

BBC One Ident Competition
Blue Peter announces its exciting competition to design the 2004 Christmas ident. The winner, as well as seeing their idea brought to life on screen, will also attend the filming of the ident. Curiously there's no mention of designs needing a lot of red in them, nor a dance theme..

Click for larger image BBC One Christmas Idents
Click for larger image The lucky winner of Blue Peter's ident competition was 10-year old Charlotte Strethill-Smith, from Hampshire, who came up with the idea for children bouncing around on Christmas puddings. The ident ran for a colossal 2 1/2 weeks from 18 December to 03 January 2005. A slower version predeced the news.

BBC One Christmas - 28 secs
Keep an eye out for the girl who falls off her pudding approx. 20 seconds in - she's in the bottom right hand corner and tries, but fails, to remount!

Click for larger image BBC One Tumbler Idents
Click for larger image ...or to use the language of the street, breakdancing chavs! A tradition of introducing a new BBC1 ident in the New Year was now firmly established. Tumbler was originally designated as a daytime ident and was first shown after Breakfast at 9:15am.

Little Britain rose from the depths of digital to become one of the BBC's biggest comedy successes in recent years. The third series, in November 2005, was the first to premiere on BBC One and to celebrate, BBC One invited Tom Baker - Little Britain's narrator, to be a continuity announcer for the night. No special idents but Tom added his own colourful touch....

Tango - 7pm
Tapdogs - 7:30pm
Bollywood - 8:00pm

Hip Hop - 8:30pm
Festival - 9pm
Tumbler - 9:30pm

BBC One - CIN Announcement Winner
Just a day after Tom Baker's stint in the BBC One continuity booth, another guest announcer took to the airwaves. This time it was Bournemouth student Amy Potter, who introduced Neighbours as a prize in a Children In Need competition. Take it away Amy!

Click for larger image BBC One Christmas
All change for Christmas 2005 - the children theme remains but this year's symbol is clearly influenced by one of 2005's biggest films, Charlie And The Chocolate Factory. Dressed as Oompa-Loompas, children circle a Christmas tree while others climb up it - but everyone carries a large bauble. BBC One obviously hopes we'll be drawn in by its delicious offerings this Yuletide! The "news" variant was first shown at 10:10pm on Saturday 17 December.

Click for larger image BBC One's Last Dance
After four years and 43,000 sightings it was the last waltz for BBC One's controversial dance idents. But would their passing be marked in any way? What happened at closedown at 1:10am on Friday 06 October could not have been more different to the balloon's non-farewell in 2002...
In place of the usual back-to-back programme trails was a three-minute compilation of all the dancers (apart from Haka), ending with the rarely-seen Ballet. It's at this point announcer Phil Vowels comes in and bids a dignified farewell to the movers and strutters. Unpopular as they were, this excellent tribute actually makes you sorry to see the dancers go.

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