The Adventures of Spot
David McKee's King Rollo Films adapted stories from Eric Hill's books for a 26-part cartoon series, produced in 1987 and 1993. The series narrator was Paul Nicholas.

The Amazing Adventures of Morph
Morph and his friends Chas, Nailbrush, Gillespie, Folly and Delilah, got their own spin-off series from 'Take Hart'. Tony Hart introduced. 26 5-minute episodes were produced between 1980 and 1981.

Andy Pandy
Created by Maria Bird and Freda Lingstorm, and produced by the BBC Film Unit, Andy Pandy was first shown in 1950. Only 26 episodes were made, but they were repeated endlessly until 1969. Andy Pandy was the Watch With Mother programme for Tuesdays.

Animal Magic
The voice of the animals, Johnny Morris, presented this wildlife series from 1962 until 1983. The series is best remembered for the films Johnny made, mainly at Bristol Zoo, where he would give the animals in the films comical voices.

Created by Peter Firman and Oliver Postgate, Bagpuss was an old, saggy cloth cat who lived in magical Lost & Found shop. The shop owner was a young girl called Emily, who left things she'd found in there for repair. Alongside Bagpuss was Professor Yaffle, Madeleine the ragdoll, Gabrielle the toad and the Mice on the Mechanical Mouse Organ.

With voices by The Goodies (Graeme Garden, Tim Brooke-Taylor and Bill Oddie), this popular cartoon followed the adventures of Eric Twinge, who would transform into the superhero after eating a banana.

The Basil Brush Show
Initially assisted by Mr Derek (Derek Fowlds), Basil Brush appeared in his original TV show which began in 1969. Numerous other co-hosts joined Basil throughout the show's 11-year run, including Roy North, Howard Williams and Billy Boyle.

Bertha was an old fashioned factory machine with some very special qualities. She was the star performer of Spottiswood Factory and with the help of her friends, managed to solve all the everyday problems they came across.
Produced by Woodland Animations.

Blue Peter
Blue Peter started in 1958 and was only meant to be on for Seven Weeks. The programme is still going on strong more than 40 years later. This clip from 1972 features the famous line-up of Valerie Singleton, Peter Purves and John Noakes.

Blue Peter
This edition of the popular magazine show from 1985 is hosted by Simon Groom, Janet Ellis and Michael Sundin.

The adventures of Bod and his friends (namely Aunt Flo, PC Copper, Farmer Barleymow and Frank the Postman). The series ran for 13 episodes in 1975, and was narrated by the inimitable John Le Mesurier. Maggie Henderson provided the voice for Alberto Frog and his Animal Band segment.

Camberwick Green
The first installment in Gordon Murray's puppet trilogy, this series gave children an insight into the lives of the folk of Camberwick Green, a small village deep in the English countryside. Famous villagers included Windy Miller, Roger Varley the chimney sweep, Mrs Honeyman the gossip and Captain Snort with the galliant lads of Pippin Fort.

Chigley - the third installment in the Murray puppet trilogy - was described as being 'near Camberwick Green, Trumptonshire'. More pastural than Murray's previous series, it featured a biscuit factory, Treadle's Wharf, a pottery and a stately home. Characters included Lord Belborough and Chippy Minton.

The Clangers
The Clangers were small, pink mousey-like creatures who lived on a strange blue planet. They spoke in whistles and lived inside the planet. Other inhabitants of the blue planet included Soup Dragon - who provided one of their two main food groups, and the orange Froglets.

The long-running live music and comedy show for kids, hosted by Ed 'Stewpot' Stewart, and assisted by Peter Glaze, Don Maclean and Jan Hunt.

Crystal Tipps and Alistair
A bushy-haired girl and her square-headed dog have various psychedelic adventures in this 5-minute cartoon produced by Q3 London, which was shown just before the BBC early evening news. 25 episodes were made.

Emu's Broadcasting Company
Rod Hull and his trusty Emu provide the continuity on EBC1, part of Emu's Broadcasting Company.

The Family-Ness
A family of Loch Ness Monsters make friends with two children, Angus and Elspeth, and together they have many exciting and unusual adventures.

Fast Forward
Children's sketch comedy featuring Floella Benjamin, Andrew Secombe, Joanna Munro and Nick Wilton. Three series and 19 episodes were produced between 1984 and 1987.

Storyteller Yoffy (Rick Jones) brings Fingermouse to life, as well as a host of other finger puppets in this popular series, created by Joanne and Michael Cole. Only 13 episodes were produced in total, though they were repeated many times.

Fireman Sam
John Alderton narrates this S4C-produced cartoon, about a fireman who can, amongst other things, "put on his coat and hat in less than 7 seconds flat".

Flower Pot Men
Bill and Ben were the inhabitants of a pair of flower pots which sat at the bottom of the garden, separated by a little weed. Flower Pot Men was the Watch With Mother programme for Wednesdays.

The Flumps
The Flumps consisted of Mother Flump (who was mostly in the kitchen), Father Flump (who was mostly in his allotment), Posie, Perkin and Pootle (who were the kids) and Grandfather Flump (who enjoyed nothing better than blowing his flumpet!)

Fred Basset
Bill 'Charlie Brown' Melendez turned this popular Daily Mail cartoon strip about a Basset Hound and his friends into a series of 5-minute cartoons.

Going Live!
Philip Schofield and Sarah Greene presented this fast-paced Saturday morning show, aided by comedians Trevor and Simon.

Grange Hill
The original opening titles from the long-running drama serial, set in a North London comprehensive school, used from 1979 until 1987.

Artist Tony Hart's original solo series 'Take Hart' was followed in the 1980s by this new series which was co-presented by up-and-coming young artists, Joanna Kirk, Margot Wilson and Gabrielle Bradshaw.

Hector's House
The domestic adventures of Hector the dog, Zaza the cat and Mrs Kiki the frog. 'Hector's House' was adapted from a French cartoon entitled 'La Maison de Tu Tu' created by Georges Croses

Ivor The Engine
The adventures of a little Welsh steam train and his driver, Jones the Steam. Produced between 1959 and 1963, it was first shown on Associated Rediffusion in the early 1960s, before transferring to BBC Television in 1976.

Jackanory ran from 1965 to 1996. It was shown on Monday through to Friday to allow a celebrity storyteller to read a book through the week.

Word memory game presented by Adrian Hedley and Janet Ellis. Jig was the little piece of jigsaw who'd link together the various puzzles with a letter of the alphabet.

A later series of the word memory game presented by Adrian Hedley and Julia Binsted (as Dot).

Jimbo and the Jetset
Jimbo is a mini jumbo jet - in fact he's half the size he's supposed to be, due to an engineer mistaking inches for centimetres! A total of 25 episodes were broadcast between 1986 and 1987.

Narrated by Colin Jeavons, Joe was a little boy growing up in a big world! Originally shown as part of the 'Watch With Mother' strand, the second series of 'Joe' made in colour ran for 13 episodes.

Click for larger image John Craven's Newsround
Click for larger image Long-running BBC news magazine for young children, originally hosted by John Craven. When Craven left the programme in 1989 the title simply became 'Newsround'. Other hosts have included Paul McDowell, Juliet Morris, Helen Rollason and Krishnan Guru-Murthy. The opening theme tune is Ted Heath's 'Johnny One Note', while the closing theme is the last few bars of 'New Worlds' by John Baker. The clips featured are from the 5th April 1976 edition.

King Rollo
The adventures of square-bearded King Rollo and his friends and neighbours, King Frank and Queen Gwen.

Lizzie Dripping
Lizzie Dripping (played by Tina Heath) is a dreamer, the kind of girl whose imagination is so vivid that she finds it difficult to distinguish between what is real and what is not. And to complicate matters she acquires her own personal witch!

Ludwig was an egg-shaped alien creature who landed on Earth and had a passion for the music of Beethoven. As Ludwig lived and played amongst the woodland animals, the mysterious man in the bushes kept an eye on things with his large binoculars.