The Magic Roundabout
1966 BBC TV
Produced in France by Serge Danot and shown first on French TV in 1963. When the series arrived in the UK the narration was wittily re-dubbed by Eric Thompson, who also re-wrote the scripts for a British audience.

Mary, Mungo & Midge
1969 BBC TV/John Ryan
The adventures of a young girl called Mary, who lives in a high-rise flat with her dog, Mungo and pet mouse, Midge.

Mr Benn
1971 BBC TV/Zephyr Films
Mr Benn, of 52 Festive Road in London, discovers magical adventures at the back of a costume shop. Created and written by David McKee and narrated by Ray Brooks.

Muffin the Mule
1949 BBC Film Unit
Song and dance with Muffin the puppet mule. Created and hosted by Annette Mills.

Multi-Coloured Swap Shop
1976 BBC TV
Noel Edmonds, John Craven, Keith Chegwin and Maggie Philbin were your hosts for this Saturday morning show, which ran from 1976 to 1982 on BBC1.

Noah and Nelly in SkylArk
1976 Roobarb Enterprises
All aboard the SkylArk! There's nothing normal about nutty Noah's ark. The animals didn't come on two by two, but with two heads instead! There's Rose the elephants, Ronald the gorillas and William the hippos, to name but a few...

1975 FilmFair London
Sir Michael Hordern narrated this animated series about a Peruvian bear who was found by the Brown family at Paddington Railway station.

The Perishers
1979 Bill Melendez Productions
Created by Maurice Dodd and drawn by Dennis Collins, this cartoon was based on the popular comic strip featured in the Daily Mirror.

Picture Book
1953 BBC Film Unit
Patricia Driscoll introduces. Picture Book was the Watch With Mother programme for Mondays.

Play Away
1975 BBC TV
Brian Cant, Toni Arthur and Jeremy Irons appear in this 1975 edition of Play Away. Never mind the weather, get it together! The classic theme features on these rather jolly closing credits.

1988 BBC TV
This was the official replacement for Play School, which ended in 1988. It was later renamed 'Playdays'.

Play School
1983 BBC TV
Launched in 1964, Play School had the honour of being the first programme transmitted on BBC2. Amongst the many presenters, who could forget the toys? Big Ted and Little Ted, Jemima, Humpty and Hamble (later replaced by Poppy). The series notched up a total of 5739 episodes!

Pogles' Wood
1966 SmallFilms
Created and written by Oliver Postgate, Pogles' Wood focused on the day-to-day happenings in the yokel life of the industrious Mr Pogle, his wife, their son Pippin and pet squirrel Tog, who all lived in a tree in the heart of the forest.

Postman Pat
1983 Woodland Animations
The daily adventures of Pat, the rural postman accompanied by Jess, his black and white cat. 13 episodes were produced, and were repeated many times throughout the 1980's.

Rag, Tag & Bobtail
1954 BBC Film Unit
Reg, Tag & Bobtail was the Watch With Mother programme for Thursdays.

1975 BBC TV
When your mansion house needs haunting, who you gonna call? Rentaghost! Bob Block created and wrote the series which began in 1975 and ran for 58 episodes until 1984.

1974 Roobarb Enterprises
Complete with wobbly-style animation, Roobarb was all about the battles of a green dog (Roobarb) and a pink cat (Custard). The series was narrated by Richard Briers.