Saturday Superstore
1985 BBC TV
This Saturday morning replacement for Swap Shop hit BBC screens in September 1982. Initially set in a 'retail store' enviroment, the show featured Mike Read, Sarah Greene, Keith Chegwin, John Craven and David Icke. Vicky Liquorice became part of the team in 1985.

1991 BBC TV/Herbert Ralph
Cartoon about a young boy who finds a spider in his bath, and the adventures they both encounter. A series of 13 x 5-minute episodes were produced.

The Sunday Gang
1978 BBC TV
In this Sunday morning series, JD (John Dryden), Teena (Tina Heath), Boff (Glen Stuart) and Dodo (Jill Shakespeare) explore Christianity by telling stories and singing songs.

1985 BBC TV/S4C
An ordinary bear says his 'secret magic word' which transforms him into SuperTed. With his assistant Spotty, they battle against Texas Pete and his rogue gang.

Swap Shop
1981/1982 BBC TV
Noel Edmonds with the 1981 series of the Saturday morning show, which used a new signature tune entitled 'Hello Hello'. The second clip is from the last-ever edition in 1982.

Think of a Number
1979 BBC TV
1970s kids TV legend Johnny Ball hosted this quirky mathematical series for children, which featured audience participation and comedy sketches.

1967 Gordon Murray
Trumpton was second installment of Gordon Murary's puppet trilogy. Set in the county's capital, it featured the Trumpton Firemen (Pugh, Pugh, Barney McGrew, Cuthbert, Dibble and Grubb), along with the Mayor, Mr Troop, Miss Lovelace and Mrs Honeyman.

Vision On
1969 BBC TV
A visually-stimulating series for both deaf and hearing children, Vision On featured Tony Hart (regular artist) and Pat Keysell (who signed for those who could not hear). Wilf Lunn, Sylvester McCoy and The Prof (played by David Cleveland) provided the comedy.

Willo the Wisp
1982 BBC TV
Kenneth Williams narrated these 26 x 5-minute stories, first shown in 1982. Set in Doyley Wood, the characters included Mavis, Arthur, Evil Edna and the Moog.

The Wombles
1974 FilmFair London
The Wombles are the most famous residents of Wimbledon Common. Like the other Wombles around the world, they have given themselves the job of tidying up after human beings and recycling all the rubbish that they find, to make useful things for their burrow.

The Woodentops
1958 BBC Film Unit
Idyllic life down on the farm with Mummy, Daddy, Jenny, Willy and Baby Woodentop. Buttercup the cow and Spotty Dog also made appearances.