Ace of Wands
1972 Thames Television
Michael MacKenzie is Tarot, a mysterious magician who tackles crime and evil in his spare time. Aided by his assitants Sam, Lulli, Mikki and Chas, he encountered many weird and wonderful adventures.

The Adventures of Black Beauty
1972 London Weekend International
The original TV adaptation of the classic novel by Anna Sewell, developed by Ted Willis. Judi Bowker (later Stacy Dorning), William Lucas, Charlotte Mitchell and Roderick Shaw starred. In total 52 episodes were produced across 2 series.

The Adventures of Rupert Bear
1970 ITC Entertainment
This fondly-remembered puppet adaptation of Rupert Bear featured all the characters from the popular Daily Express cartoon strip. Each episode was narrated by Judy Bennett. Jackie Lee provided the unforgettable theme tune.

Alias the Jester
1986 Thames Television/Cosgrove-Hall
The animated adventures of a space time traveller whose rocket ship gets stuck in the Earth's magnetic hold, throwing him back in time to medieval England. Richard Briers, Brian Wilde and Brian Trueman provided the voices.

Animal Kwackers
1975 Yorkshire Television
Bongo the dog, Rory the lion, Twang the monkey and Boots the tiger are Animal Kwackers - a pop group who come to earth to sing songs and tell stories.

1980 DP Films
Aubrey was a little orange fellow with a rather large nose who specialised in inventing things. Unfortunately he was quite accident prone...

Avenger Penguins
1992 Thames Television/Cosgrove-Hall
Marlon, Bluey and Rocky are The Avenger Penguins - penguins on motorbikes who fight against the mad scientist Caractus P. Doom, while protecting the inhabitants of Big City. One of the vocal artists on the series was Mike 'Lovejoy' McShane.

The Book Tower
1979 Yorkshire Television
The Book Tower was a new approach at getting children to read more. It featured many presenters through it's series, including Tom Baker, Stephen Moore, Bernard Bresslaw and Neil Innes.

Button Moon
1986 Thames Television
Mr Spoon and his family take another trip to Button Moon in Blanket Sky. The Button Moon theme music was sung by Peter Davidson and Sandra Dickinson.

Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons
1967 ITC/Century 21
The fifth Supermarionation series from Gerry Anderson stars immortal hero Captain Scarlet, defending Earth from the alien Mysterons, who declare war on the planet. 32 episodes were produced between 1967 and 1968. Captain Scarlet's voice was provided by Francis Matthews.

Children of the Stones
1977 HTV
Matthew Brake (Peter Demin) suspects that supernatural forces may be at work when he and his scientist father (Gareth Thomas) arrive in the small village of Milbury. Forces from the large ancient stones surrounding the village seem to have taken hold of the inhabitants.

1983 Thames Television
When alien Chocky enters Matthew Gore's mind, not only does he start to develop new skills but he also begins to attract some dangerous attention from the Government. Two further serials 'Chocky's Children' and 'Chocky's Challenge' followed in 1984 and 1985 respectively.

Chorlton and the Wheelies
1976 Thames Television/Cosgrove-Hall
Join Chorlton the Happiness Dragon, as he brings joy and laughter back to Wheelie World. Between 1976 and 1979 three series and a Christmas special (40 episodes in total) were produced.

1981 Granada Television
The long-running film review and documentary series for children, hosted by Chris Kelly.

Cockleshell Bay
1980 Thames Television/Cosgrove-Hall
The adventures of Robin and Rosie Cockle, who lived with their Mum, Dad and Gran at the Bucket & Spade Guesthouse in Cockleshell Bay. Other characters included Mr Ship and Paddy Fingal.

Count Duckula
1988 Thames Television/Cosgrove-Hall
A spin-off series from Danger Mouse, Count Duckula is the world's only vegetarian vampire duck!

Danger Mouse
1983 Thames Television/Cosgrove-Hall
Danger Mouse and his trusty assistant Penfold battle against the evil Baron Greenback, in this popular Cosgrove-Hall animated series of the 1980's.

Do It
1984 TVS
'Do It' was a weekly supplement to 'The Belstow Weekly' and was compiled by the paper's filing clerk, Sheelagh. The series was based on an original idea by Sheelagh Gilbey.

1984 Tyne Tees Television
Several ITV companies produced programmes for this fondly-remembered children's anthology series. The clips featured here are from a story called 'The Venchie', in which a group of young girls fight for equality on the playground's football field.

The Extraordinary People Show
1981 Yorkshire Television
Graham Thornton interviewed various 'extraordinary' people through this 1981 series shown as part of the Watch It! strand of programmes on ITV. This clip comes from the Gerry Anderson edition.

The Famous Five
1979 Southern Television
This TV adaption of Enid Byton's Famous Five stories was shown between 1978 and 1979 and ran for 26 episodes.

Fireball XL5
1961 ITC/APF
Working for the World Space Patrol in the year 2063, Steve Zodiac and his crew protect planet Earth from alien invaders in the state-of-the-art spacecraft, Fireball XL5. This was Gerry Anderson's second Supermarionation series.
The theme song is entitled 'Fireball' and is sung by Don Spencer.

The Flockton Flyer
1977-1978 Southern Television
Having moved to a small village the Carter family take over the running of a preserved railway line, and with it a steam engine called The Flockton Flyer. Two series and a total of 12 episodes were produced.

1972 Yorkshire Television
Another classic from Yorkshire, Follyfoot - a-kind-of modern day Black Beauty with the unforgetable theme, The Lightning Tree.

Fraggle Rock
1984 TVS
The Fraggles were small creatures who lived beneath a Lighthouse. The series was a co-production between TVS, Jim Henson's Workshop and Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

1968 Southern Television
First broadcast in 1968, Freewheelers were a group of teenagers who worked as agents for British Intelligence Service. The original line-up consisted of Bill (Tom Owen), Terry (Mary Maude) and Chris (Gregory Phillips) with Colonel Buchan (Ronald Leigh-Hunt).

1971 Southern Television
A later series where the Freewheelers line-up consisted of Sue (Wendy Padbury), Mike (Adrian Wright) and Steve (Leonard Gregory).

Get Up and Go!
1982 Yorkshire Television
Stories and song provided by Beryl Reid, Steven Boxer and Mooncat - played by David Claridge, who later went on to assist a certain Roland Rat(!)

The Ghosts of Motley Hall
1978 Granada Television
The adventures of Bodkin (Arthur English), Fanny Uproar (Nicholas Le Prevost), Matt (Sean Flanagan), Sir George Uproar (Freddie Jones) and The White Lady (Sheila Steafel) - five ghosts from different periods of time who haunt Motley Hall. A total of 3 series and a Christmas Special were produced between 1976 and 1978.

Here Comes Mumfie
1975 ITC Entertainment
The adventures of Mumfie the Neliphant and his best friend Scarecrow, living down in Pinetree Forest. Not forgetting the Evil Witch, who has her evil eye on Mumfie!

Hickory House
1973 Granada Television
Hosted by Alan Rothwell this pre-school children's show featured Humphrey Cushion and Dusty Mophead, courtesy of Barry Smith's Theatre of Puppets. Amanda Barrie co-hosts here from 1973.

Hickory House
1975 Granada Television
A later series of Hickory House from 1975 with Louise-Hall Taylor taking part alongside regular Alan Rothwell.

Hickory House
1976 Granada Television
The 1976 titles and credits of the pre-school series, with different animation and theme arrangement. Julia North co-hosts.

Inigo Pipkin
1973 ATV
Inigo Pipkin was a puppet-maker who owned his own shop. With him lived a host of characters, including Hartley the hare, Pig and Topov the monkey.

Into the Labyrinth
1980 HTV
Phil (Simon Beal), Helen (Lisa Turner) and Terry (Simon Henderson) travel through a world of suspended time. sent by Rothgo the sorceror (Ron Moody) in search of the Nidus. But Belor (Pamela Salem), the beautiful but evil witch, is determined to thwart them in their mission.

Jamie and the Magic Torch
1977 Thames Television/Cosgrove-Hall
Jamie owns a rather special torch which has magical powers. Every night he gets out of bed, picks up his torch and with his dog Wordsworth, travels down a helter-skelter to the magical world of Cuckoo Land.

Joe 90
1969 ITC/Century 21
Scientist Professor McClaine develops a machine (named BIGRAT) which allows the transfer of people's brain patterns. He tests the equipment on his 9 year-old adopted son Joe. This leads Joe to become the Most Special Agent for the World Intelligence Network.

Just William
1977 London Weekend Television
William Brown (played in this 1977 LWT sitcom by Adrian Dannatt) is a very mischievious schoolboy and is also a constant handful for his parents (Hugh Cross and Diana Fairfax).

Little Blue
1976 Yorkshire Television
Little Blue was so-called because he broke a fountain pen which he was playing with whilst taking a bath, and covered himself in blue ink. He lives at home with his mother, Mrs Jellybun.