The Magic Ball
1970 Granada Television
When Sam visits his Aunt's antique shop, the combination of his magic ball and objects found at the shop transport him into wonderful adventures.

1979 Thames Television
ITV's long-running trendy answer to Blue Peter, hosted by Mick Robertson, Jenny Hanley and Tommy Boyd.

The Moomins
1983 Central Television/Film Polski
Based on the books and illustrations by Finnish Tove Jansson, The Moomins were a family of white troll-like creatures who lived in Moominvalley.

1983 FilmFair London
The adventures of Moschops the therapsid and his friends Ally the allosaurus, Mr Ichthyosaurs and Flower.

The Munch Bunch
1980 ITC Entertainment
The adventures of Lizzie Leek, Pippa Pear, Ollie Onion, Casper Carrot and others who make up the group of fruit and veg known as The Munch Bunch. Convinced nobody wants them anymore they run away from the greengrocer's shop and set up home at the bottom of a garden.

1975 CPL/Stop Frame Films
Narrated by Richard Briers, with puppets designed by Brian Cosgrove, this colourful animated series debuted on ITV in 1975.

Number 73
1985 TVS
The hit Saturday Morning children's programme from TVS in Maidstone. The series featured Sandi Toksvig as landlady Ethel Davis, and tennants Harry (Nick Staverson), Neil (Neil Buchanan) and Dawn (Andrea Arnold).

The Owl Service
1968 Granada Television
Based on the Alan Garner novel, The Owl Service was about an old Welsh legend and how three teenagers become affected by its curse. This dramatisation produced Granada Television starred Giliian Hills, Michael Holden, Francis Wallis and Raymond Llewellyn.

1979 Thames Television
Ex-Magpie presenter Susan Stranks devised and hosted this popular pre-school programme with the assistance of two fluffy puppet spiders - Itsy and Bitsy.

Pauline's Quirkes
1976 Thames Television
A sketch-based comedy and music vehicle for Pauline Quirke. Each week she was joined by a group of young co-stars and teenage band 'Flintlock'.

1981 ATV
Hartley Hare, Pig, Topov and company in their puppet workshop. These opening titles are from the last-ever series of the fondly-remembered 'Pipkins' produced in 1981.

The Pondles
1986 Central Television
Pip, Daisy and their friends are the Pondles - cuddly creatures from Puddletown. Together they have many magical adventures in the mysterious forest.

Press Gang
1989 Central Television/Richmond Films
Created by Bill Moffat and wonderfully written by Steven Moffat, 'Press Gang' centred on the trials and tribulations of a bunch of teenage children running their own school newspaper, The Junior Gazette. The Editor was Lynda Day (Julia Sawalha).

Puddle Lane
1986 Yorkshire Television
Another pre-school Yorkshire show written by Rick Vanes, with Puddle Lane stories by Sheila McCullough. It featured Neil Innes as the Magician and Richard Robinson as Toby the Spell Dragon.

Ragdolly Anna
1987 Yorkshire Television
Ragdolly Anna lived with the dress-maker (Pat Coombs - who was also series narrator) and white cat on the 3rd floor of a block of flats.

The Raggy Dolls
1988 Yorkshire Television
This animated children's series focussed on the adventures of the Raggy Dolls, as they left the reject bin at Grimes Toy Factory. The stories were told by Neil Innes, and the series ran from 1988 to 1993.

1981 Thames Television
One of ITV's best known and much-missed children's programmes, Rainbow with Geoffrey, Bungle, Zippy and George. The songs in the show were provided by Rod, Jane and Freddy.
The second clip is an excerpt taken from the 1985 Thames/NAFF Christmas Tape.

The Ratties
1987 Central Television
The Ratties consisted of Uncle Matty, Aunty Hatty, Tatty, Batty and The Fatty Brothers. Each one was as nutty as a fruitcake! The cartoon was narrated in his own inimitable style by Spike Milligan.

1985 Tyne Tees Television
This is the Christmas 1985 edition of Razzmatazz, the children's music show presented by Alistair Pirrie and Lisa Stansfield. Theme music courtesy of the Toy Dolls.

1980 Southern Television
Runaround now had it's own series as part of the ITV afternoon children's programmes strand, Watch IT! Mike Reid hosted the quiz, in which children would have to answer questions from the three answers given on the Runaround Boards. The star prize was normally a Portable TV. or the Latest BMX Bike!