The Saturday Banana
1980 Southern Television
Thanks to a typing error, we have Saturday Banana instead of Saturday Bonanza! Bill Oddie, of The Goodies, presented the Live Saturday Morning Show, which was later partly shown on the ITV Network. The Show also introduced Runaround and Metal Mickey to our screens.

The Saturday Show
1983 Central Television
Central's replacement for TISWAS hosted by Tommy Boyd and Isla St. Clair. Popular wrestler of the day Big Daddy had been lined-up to host the show originally but had to pull out due to ill health.

1975 Thames Television
The opening titles and credits sequences to the first of Thames Television's children's creepy anthology series. These clips are from the episode 'Dutch Schlitz's Shoes', which starred Russell Hunter reprising his role as Mr Stabs, seen originally in another popular Thames show, 'Ace of Wands'.

1976 Thames Television
The second series titles and credits sequences to 'Shadows' from 1976. These clips are from a story called 'Time Out of Mind'.

1978 Thames Television
From the final series of 'Shadows' originally shown in 1978, clips from a story entitled 'The Boy Merlin'.

The Sooty Show
1990 Thames Television
Matthew Corbett is the harrassed straight man to Sooty the bear, Sweep the dog and Soo the panda, in this classic ITV series which spanned the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s.

1964 ITC/AP Films
Troy Tempest is captain of the number-one super sub Stingray, operating out of the city of Marineville on behalf of the WASP (World Aquanaut Security Patrol). This was Gerry Anderson's third Supermarionation series.
It was also the first British TV programme to be filmed in colour.

1985 Tyne Tees Television
Written by Jenny McDade, Supergran was brought to television in 1985 by Tyne Tees. When a Magic Ray hits frail old Granny Smith, she takes on incredible super powers. Gudrun Ure played the lead role. Iain Cuthbertson also starred as the villainous Scunner Campbell.

1983 LWT/Anderson-Burr
Gerry Anderson created this 80s puppet science fiction series. The Terrahawks are led by Dr 'Tiger' Ninestein who is assisted by Mary Falconer, Hiro, Hawkeye, Kate Kestrel and the robot Zeroids. Together they battle against the hideous Zelda who is bent on destroying all humanoid life in the galaxy.

Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends
1984 Central Television
The original TV adaption of Reverend Wilbert Awdry's childrens stories from the 1940s, narrated by Ringo Starr. Thomas the blue tank engine and his fellow vehicles get up to mischief on the island of Sodor.

1964 ITC
Set in the 21st Century, the Tracy Brothers operate 'International Rescue' - a global rescue service using advanced aircraft and technology. The series was repeated on BBC2 in 1991.

1970 ATV
Liz Skinner (Cheryl Burfield) and Simon Randall (Spencer Banks) are two teenage children who move backwards and forwards in time through an invisible time barrier. 26 episodes were made between 1970 and 1971.

1980 ATV
The original anarchic Saturday morning show, featuring buckets of water and custard pies galore! Chris Tarrant and Sally James hosted the programme, with help from Lenny Henry, Bob Carolgees and John Gorman.

1981 ATV
The 1980-1981 opening sequence, considered to be the definitive set of titles. Featuring excerpts from past shows and, like the above clip, lots of clips from US movies.

1982 Central Television
When production of TISWAS changed from ATV to Central, a number of other changes were introduced. Namely in the form of Gordon Astley, Fogwell Flax and Den Hegarty, who joined Sally James as regular hosts on the show.

The Tomorrow People
1973 Thames Television
The Tomorrow People (originally John, Stephen, Carol and Kenny) were homo superiors - the next stage of the human evolution. With their telekinetic powers and ability to 'jaunt' (transport) themselves from place to place, their quest was to stop wars and put the world in order.

Victor & Hugo: Bunglers in Crime
1991 Cosgrove-Hall
French brothers and partners in crime, Victor and Hugo (voiced by Jimmy Hibbert and David Jason respectively) bungle their way through various burglaries and other dodgy dealings courtesy of their own criminal hire company Naughtiness International.

Victor & Maria
1980 King Rollo Films
The adventures of a little girl called Maria, a giant white bear called Victor and their friends. Narrated by Una Stubbs.

The Wind in the Willows
1985 Thames Television/Cosgrove-Hall
Following a successful pilot episode made in 1983 of Kenneth Grahame's classic novel, Cosgrove-Hall produced an entire series of tales revolving around Mole, Rat, Toad and Badger set in Edwardian England. The series featured the vocal talents of Richard Pearson, Peter Sallis, David Jason and Michael Hordern.

1993 Meridian Television
Wizadora was a trainee witch, who often had trouble casting spells. This was one of Meridian's earliest productions for the ITV network.

Worzel Gummidge
1979 Southern Television
Jon Pertwee as the loveable scarecrow, in one of Southern Television's most popular programmes broadcast on the ITV network.

Worzel Gummidge
1981 Southern Television
The second set of opening and closing titles, used from Series 3 in 1980 onwards.

1996 Meridian Television
WOW! or Watch Out Weekend was presented by Sophie Aldred (Ace from Doctor Who) and Simeon Courtie, formerly of CBBC.