Click for larger image 2 Point 4 Children
1991 BBC Television
Click for larger image Bill and Ben Porter (Belinda Lang and Gary Olsen) and their two children seem like just your average family.  However, they find themselves in weird and wonderful situations which make them anything but average.  Written by Andrew Marshall and with a strong supporting cast, 2 point 4 children ran for eight series.

Click for larger image 2 Point 4 Christmas
Click for larger image Extended opening credits from the 1996 Christmas special.

7 of 1
1973 BBC Television
A showcase for the acting range of Ronnie Barker. Its title is somewhat obscure - the result of initially intending to call the series Six of One and follow it up with Half a Dozen of the Other. Second installment Prisoner and Escort, introducing Norman Stanley Fletcher, inspired Clement and La Frenais to develop the premise into Porridge. Likewise the strength of first programme Open All Hours, with Barker as Arkwright, prompted Roy Clarke to pen the series of the same name.

Click for larger image 15 Stories High
1998-1999 BBC Television
Comedy set on the 15th floor of a towerblock.