Click for larger image Hale And Pace
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Click for larger image Hardware
Click for larger image Written by Men Behaving Badly creator Simon Nye, Hardware centres around Mike (Martin Freeman) and his mate Kenny (Peter Serafinowicz) who work in a small hardware shop.  In charge of the shop is boss Rex (Ken Morley), but you wouldn't know it.

Click for larger image Have I Got News For You
Click for larger image The satirical quiz based on the news, Have I Got News For You began in 1990.  With comedian Paul Merton and Private Eye editor Ian Hislop as team captains, the show takes a light hearted look at current events, often sailing close to the wind in matters of libel. Angus Deayton hosted the show until 2002, but following newspaper headlines surrounding his private life, Deayton was fired, and has been replaced with a guest host ever since.  These have included Anne Robinson and Jeremy Clarkson.

Click for larger image Harry Hill
Click for larger image Running for three series on Channel 4, The Harry Hill Show was a showcase for Harry's surreal humour.  Harry's brother Alan (Al Murray) and Pink Panther star Bert Kwouk regularly featured on the show, along with strange looking blue rubber glove puppet Stouffer the Cat.

Click for larger image Harry Worth
Click for larger image In the opening credits of Harry Worth, Harry raises one arm and one leg which were reflected in the window, giving the illusion of levitation.  
The shop window sequence was filmed at St. Anne's Square, Manchester.

Here's Harry
1960-1965 BBC Television
Here's Harry sees him living at 53 Acacia Avenue, Woodbridge. The series focussed on his bumbling manor, creating chaos with officialdom wherever he went. The series ran for 60 30 minute episodes over 7 series, starting 11th Oct 1960 and ending 10th Dec 1965. Written by Eddie Maguire, Vince Powell, Harry Driver & Frank Roscoe.

Click for larger image Hi-de-Hi!
1982 BBC Television
Hi-de-Hi! ran from 1981 to 1988. The series was written by Jimmy Perry and David Croft. It was set in 1959 and featured the antics of the entertainment staff at Maplin's Holiday Camp. It starred Simon Cadell, Paul Shane, Ruth Madoc, Jeffrey Holland, Su Pollard, Leslie Dwyer, Felix Bowness, Dianne Holland, Barry Howard and latterly David Griffin.
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Click for larger image Hippies
Click for larger image Created by Father Ted writing duo Graham Linehan and Arthur Matthews, Hippies is set in the 60s in Swinging London, where Ray Purbss (Simon Pegg) creates subversive magazine Mouth from his flat in Notting Hill, aided and abetted by Alex Picton-Dinch (Julian Rhind-Tutt), Jill Sprint (Sally Phillips) and Hugo Yemp (Darren Boyd).  Intended as a parody of the 1960s, it was savagely mauled by critics, and never returned for a second series.

Click for larger image Hot Metal
Click for larger image A very funny comedy by Andrew Marshall and David Renwick, who had previously given us "Whoops Apocalypse". Robert Hardy and Geoffrey Palmer starred in this satire of trashy tabloid journalism, as seen in the Daily Crucible. A second series replaced Palmer with Richard Wilson. This clip from part 6, voiced by Christopher Timothy, neatly summarises the crazy events of series one. (tx 23/03/1986)