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Click for larger image I didn't know that there were 101 different ways to leave a gameshow. Did you?

1978 Yorkshire Television
3-2-1, one of the biggest game shows of the Late 70's and 80's, hosted by the late Ted Rogers.
Various sets of titles here from 1978 to 1987.

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Click for larger image Still going strong in 1985, the Yorkshire Television-produced gameshow, which had clues which were impossible to solve, introduced the world to Dusty Bin, who was given away as the booby prize. Apparently the 3-2-1 title comes fro the fact that the programme was seen to be three shows in one - part gameshow, part quizshow and part entertainment show.

1984 YTV
1985 YTV
1986 YTV
1987 YTV

15 to 1
William G Stewart, who earlier in his career was a successful TV Producer, is now seen in front of the camera presenting the daily Channel 4 Quiz.