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Click for larger image Incorporating the National Lottery Draw on a Saturday night, Eammon Holmes is the host of this BBC1 show that saw contestants battle it out for a chance to win a holiday somewhere in the world. In the classic case of "winner stays on", the studio winner would compete against the current winner (still on holiday somewhere in the world) via satallite link for the chance to win another holiday in far flung places. If the current champion lost, they'd have to come home and the new champion would spend a week in a new destination. If they won, they got to spend another week in the new destination.

Click for larger image National Lottery In It To Win It
Click for larger image Dale Winton is your host where a small version of a lottery machine decides which colour is chosen and that player goes to the winners area and makes money (5,000 per right answer). Get an answer wrong and they go to the red area and someone else's colour is chosen. When the klaxon sounds, whoever is in the winners row has to answer one question correct to earn a share of the prize fund.

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