Click for larger image Arthur of Britons
Click for larger image Set in the Dark Ages a century after the Roman withdrawal from Britain, Arthur is not a great king with an elaborate court; instead, he is the chieftain of a small Celtic tribe and works to unite the other tribes against the Saxon invaders. Helping him is Llud, his adoptive father; Kai, a Saxon orphan reared as Arthur's brother; Arthur's cousin, Mark of Cornwall; the Jute woman Rowena; and the Jute chief Yorath. Cerdig, chieftain of the Saxons, is Arthur's main nemesis.
Left Clip - Rather heraldic titles with slightly cowboy movie theme Right Clip - Rather heraldic credits with slightly cowboy movie theme!

Click for larger image Machinegunner
Click for larger image An HTV one off tv thriller from 1976, starring Leonard Rossiter who plays a debt collector turned amateur detective. "Machinegunner" is west-country slang for a debt collector. The programme was transmitted on 24th July 1976.

Click for larger image Into The Labyrinth
Click for larger image The series was based around the struggle of two timeless, feuding sorcerers - the noble Rothgo (Ron Moody) and the evil Belor (Pamela Salem). Each aimed to obtain possession of the Nidus, a magical object of limitless power. The Nidus actually belonged to Rothgo and was the source of his power, but it was stolen by Belor who used her own magic to send it through time and space so that Rothgo would not be able to find it. Without the power of the Nidus, Rothgo would ultimately die.

Click for larger image Three Little Words
Click for larger image Join ventriloquist Ray Allan (no Lord Charles I'm afraid) and Barbie for HTV West's game show, Three Little Words, shown across the ITV Network in an early afternoon slot during the mid 1980's.

Click for larger image King Of The Castle
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Click for larger image Keynotes
Click for larger image Keynotes was presented by the very cheesy Alistair Duval. It was on after TVam. Contestants had to determine songs by uncovering notes, and following a bouncing ball.

Click for larger image Weekend Outlook
Click for larger image Peter Crawford and Sherrie Eugene present the guide to what’s on in the region, as well as bringing you all the latest travel information.

Click for larger image Wycliffe
Click for larger image Each episode of this Cornwall based detective series, starring Jack Shepherd,  deals with a murder investigation. In the early series, the stories are adapted from W.J.Burley's original books and are in classic whodunit style, often with quirky characters and plot elements. In later seasons the tone becomes more naturalistic and there is more emphasis on internal politics within the police.

Click for larger image Punchbag
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