Click for larger image Carlton Trailers
1992/1993 - Dave Allen
Click for larger image The trailer seen in the left-hand clip was actually shown on Thames and LWT, late in 1992, but it is a neat example of the original style used by Carlton for their on-air promotions, from December 1992 onwards. The right-hand clip offers another variation, seen on Carlton during early 1993.

Click for larger image Carlton Trailer & Break Bumper
05/01/1993 - Storyline / Magnum
Click for larger image In the left-hand clip, a trailer from 05/01/1993 for the new current affairs series Storyline. The series begins with an investigation into a pesticides factory, where questions are being asked as cancer-causing chemicals are affecting the workers. On the right, an example of the original Carlton style of break bumpers, and a promotion for the US thriller series Magnum.

Click for larger image Carlton Trailers
01/1993 - Inspector Morse / Real Men
Click for larger image The left-hand clip dates from 13/01/1993 and contains two trailers, one pertaining to the documentary Thoi Noi, the other for an Inspector Morse episode, The Day of the Devil, featuring Keith Allen. The right-hand clip concerns a Carlton movie premiere from the same month, Real Men starring James Belushi and John Ritter.

Click for larger image Carlton 'After The Break'
1994 - London Today / Home & Away
Click for larger image Designed to accompany the September 1994 graphic re-launch, these break promotions mention London Today (left) and Home and Away (right).

Click for larger image Carlton Trailers
1994 - Flatliners / Outside Edge
Click for larger image Left-hand clip: an enjoyable trailer for ITV's premiere of Flatliners, that tedious Julia Roberts & Kiefer Sutherland movie, shown on 08/09/1994. The premiere would have taken place on Monday 12/09/94.
Right: an equally enjoyable trailer for Outside Edge, the comedy series featuring Timothy Spall, Josie Lawrence, Brenda Blethyn and Robert Daws.

Click for larger image Carlton Trailer
1994 - One in Five Million
Click for larger image Left: a trail for Jenni Murray's regional features series, One In Five Million, focussing on London's most notorious mistress. Cue lots of sleaze, exactly what early Carlton shows were infamous for. tx 08/09/1994.
Right: from the same day, a break promotion for Big City. Anyone know who this elegant announcer is?

Click for larger image Carlton Trailer
1997 - Live & Let Die
Click for larger image It's always a pleasure to hear the voice of William Franklyn, stalwart of the Schweppes commercials and many an ITV sketch show. Here his wry remarks liven up a great trailer for Roger Moore's first outing as 007, Live and Let Die, repeated over Easter 1997.

Carlton Christmas Continuity
The 1996 festive idents in use at Christmas 1998: the continuity clip (left) shows the bauble ident in use as a break bumper rather than leading straight into a show. The mistletoe ident then introduces a Clive James show.

Click for larger image Carlton 'After The Break'
1999 - Good Stuff / Lie Detector
Click for larger image From April 1999, examples of static slides promoting shows following a commercial break: Good Stuff, featuring Martine McCutcheon; and Lie Detector, the bought-in L!VE TV series hosted by Dominic Green. There is no Carlton logo present on these slides, only the then ITV Network logo.

Click for larger image Carlton Continuity
1999 - After The Break
Click for larger image Two clips from December 1999; the first is a break promotion for Carlton's screening of The Nutty Professor.
Second, from 31/12/1999, the first programme of a new millennium: Clive James - A Night of 1000 Years.

Carlton Continuity
03/06/2002 - After The Break
1st clip - Whoops! Someone forgot to push up the fader on the mixing desk... A silent 'After the Break'. One can only imagine that the announcer gave us his all, except we never got to hear it.
2nd clip - From 4th June Following This Morning, Mark Lipscomb assures us that there will be plenty more pageantry to come.

The Queen's Golden Jubilee
A generic announcement naming the region and a link into the late news on ITV1

Carlton Continuity
19/09/2002 - After The Break
1st clip - From 19/09/2002, one of Carlton's "after the break" daytime links, in which a starry wipe is used to mix two stills.
2nd clip - Evening continuity from September 2002, promoting an edition of Emmerdale, after the break.

Click for larger image Carlton Continuity
25/10/2002 - After The Break
Click for larger image From Carlton's final weekday afternoon, two break promotions voiced by Mark Lipscomb; the first relates to the quiz show hosted by Matthew Kelly, Never Had it So Good; the second relates to Linda Robson's house make-over series, Renovation Street.

As has been documented elsewhere on TV ARK, 28th October 2002 was the date on which ITV1 adopted a single generic network design. Since then, the idents of ITV1 rendered obsolete those of individual London franchisees.
Mark Lipscomb was Carlton London's last duty announcer. In fact, he was present for the last day of Thames too, trivia fans! His last three voice-overs are featured below. Unlike the announcers departing LWT and the other regions, Mark did not bid farewell from Carlton to London viewers. He simply spoke his last Carlton words over the ident known as "Corporate Factual/Event", heading into ITN's afternoon bulletin at around 3.00pm on Friday 25th October.

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