From launch in 1968, LWT used continuity announcers to introduce its weekend programmes, but they did not appear in vision until 1971. The original continuity set was a plain wooden backdrop, but from 1977 onwards the announcers would be seen sitting in front of a large painting or photograph of the company's Kent House headquarters on the River Thames.
LWT discontinued the practice of in vision continuity in autumn 1982 - a good five years ahead of its ITV regional rivals. Duty announcers would still be seen reading local news bulletins, until LWT News was launched in 1986 with its own dedicated presenters. LWT's continuity team continued to make their voices heard over trailers and graphics until 2002, when LWT's regional identity was discarded on ITV1.
TV ARK has preserved a few examples of LWT's in vision announcers up until autumn 1982, arranged below in alphabetical order. Meanwhile our second page contains clips of the team during station start-ups and close-downs.

Click for larger image Barri Haynes
April 1979
Click for larger image Formerly a reporter on the ITV Midlands local news bulletin ATV Today, later a commentator on the BBC's Come Dancing series, Barri Haynes announced on LWT during the mid-to-late 1970s. Here are two examples of his work from April 1979; in the first clip he introduces a new sitcom 'Lovely Couple' and in the second, he promotoes 'Hawaii-Five-O' then links into an Easter Saturday Night promo, which then leads into ATV's game show 'The Masterspy.'

Click for larger image Peter Lewis
July 1981
Click for larger image Peter Lewis is undoubtedly the best-remembered LWT announcer. He was the first person to broadcast from LWT's south bank HQ when they opened in 1971 and he was promoted to senior announcer in 1977, a role he occupied until 1996 when he left to pursue a new career in the USA. These examples date from 1981 and both involve the comedy series 'End of Part One' - which spent a good deal of time spoofing in vision continuity!

Click for larger image Peter Lewis
Click for larger image Two examples from 1982 with a new continuity set and backdrop graphic. Peter can be seen introducing Star Wars, also a music special starring Dolly Parton.

Click for larger image Keith Martin
Keith may have the longest CV of all the LWT team. A former pirate radio broadcaster, his ITV continuity credits include stints on ABC TV, Anglia TV, ATV, Southern TV, TVS, Yorkshire TV. He was also a BBC TV announcer from 1965 to 1972, and a BBC Radio External Services announcer from 1975 onwards. Since the 1980s he has specialised in voice coaching - and his clients include former Prime Minister John Major.
We have just one clip of Keith in vision for LWT, introducing a screening of 'Barefoot in the Park' in 1982.

Click for larger image Verity Martindill
Click for larger image Verity was an LWT regular from the late 1970s to the early 80s, who was known to viewers in other regions too, namely Central TV, TVS and its predecessor Southern Television.
In these examples, she introduces an episode of the ATV children's series 'Oliver Twist' (1980) and the ITC adventure drama 'Seagull Island' (1981).

Click for larger image Don Moss
Click for larger image Don Moss was a well-known DJ and broadcaster whose career since 1957 included shows on Radio Luxembourg, BBC Radios 1 and 2, Radio Bristol - to say nothing of TV presenting on Come Dancing, Juke Box Jury, Thank Your Lucky Stars and Three Little Words well into the 1980s.
He announced for LWT in the mid-1970s and can be seen here in two junctions from 1978 relating to 'The Big Match.'

Click for larger image Hilary Osborn
Click for larger image Hilary announced on LWT from 1979 to 1981, as well as TVS and Meridian. In fact Hilary made the final continuity announcement on TVS on New Year's Eve 1992. Her voice was familiar to BBC listeners, on both Radio 2 and 4.
In our examples she links into an Easter 1980 trail for the 'Best Sellers' drama season, 'A Man Called Intrepid'; then an episode of 'Tales of the Unexpected' (19/07/1981) starring Joanna Pettet.

Click for larger image Sue Peacock
Currently we have just one clip of Sue Peacock in the LWT continuity studio, performing a live voice-over on a trailer which blends seamlessly into her link to camera, to introduce the British television premiere of 'Jaws 2.'
Sue's presenting career began in July 1980. She was trained to host 'Nationwide' as part of 'The Big Time,' a BBC documentary which gave ordinary viewers a go at their dream careers. She was an LWT announcer from 1981 to 1984, after which she became a TV producer.

Click for larger image Pam Rhodes
Click for larger image Pam Rhodes started her career behind-the-scenes on Thames productions such as Today and This Week. She has presented a variety of TV shows including the BBC's Songs of Praise and Anglia TV's nightly local news programme. She is now an author, compere, charity ambassador and the owner of a cattery in Bedfordshire with her husband.
In these clips, she introduces 'The Mysterious World of Arthur C.Clarke' in 1980, and 'Vegas' in 1981.

Other announcers to have worked for LWT include Alec Taylor, the senior announcer until 1977, also David Geary, Gayle Coleman, Jill Bechley, Sharon Gray, Sarah Kennedy and Colin Weston. Donations to TV ARK of in-vision clips featuring any of these announcers would be much appreciated.