ITV1 West/Westcountry
from 02.11.2004
November 1st saw ITV1 ditch its celebrity idents after just over two years. In its place a more conservative look but one which also places more emphasis on programme promotion. The regions got their own version of the main ITV1 ident. At first the appearance of the West ident wasn't thought to be a mistake, since the regional units of HTV West and Westcountry have now combined. But HTV viewers got the Westcountry ident, so it was clear this was a mix-up.
That's more like it! Well not quite - someone should have told Bruce Dunlop "Westcountry" is one word. The new ident made a unusual appearance before Westcountry Live on 18 November.
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ITV50 Westcountry Ident
ITV hit the big 5-0 in September 2005 and to celebrate this milestone in broadcasting, the network rebranded for the month of September with special idents, menus and promos. No-one expected any regional versions of the birthday symbol - so it was a lovely surprise to see this. And this time, Westcountry is spelt correctly!
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