Six-Five Special
The Six-Five Special not only featured Pop and Rock 'n Roll but also other types of music such as jazz and skiffle. It's presenters were Jo Douglas, Pete Murray and later on Freddie Mills and Jim Dale.

Click for larger image Sky UK Top 50
Click for larger image Presented by DJ Pat Sharp, Sky Channel's original music show presented from locations all over central Europe.

Click for larger image Sky UK Top 40
Click for larger image Pat Sharp is no more, instead a generic rundown of the charts, it was basically all the music videos in order of the weeks popularity. A great idea for the opening titles to use a pinball machine! The programme was produced by Scores, "I chose the pinball machine, because it's like the jukebox; it has been associated with music from the 50s right throught to the 90s. I also wanted something with a sense of electricity and needed something i could use for countdowns and points being scored to indicate chart positions." says design creative Marc Caplan.

Click for larger image Smash Hits Chart
Click for larger image Music chart rundown on T4 produced by the Smash Hits music channel.

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Click for larger image So It Goes was presented by the late Tony Wilson from 1976-1977. A Rock and pop music programme shown in the Granada and ATV regions. It also featured Clive James who would interview guests in the studio. The programme was famous for showcasing Punk Rock and gave The Sex Pistols their first ever tv appearance.

Click for larger image Sound
Click for larger image Sound was commissioned as the music show part of the line up for the new teen brand on BBC Two - BBC Switch (basically T4 on BBC2)