Fox News Channel – Rupert Murdoch’s entrance into the US cable news market, after the success of Sky News. Unlike Sky News, Fox News was facing competition in the form of both CNN and the simultaneously launched MSNBC. Fox decided to position itself as the upstart, with a pronounced editorial voice – a “fair and balanced” alternative to the more “liberal” slant of the news media (CNN).
FNC remains controversial in the US. Depending on who you ask, the channel is seen as either a fresh alternative to CNN or a propaganda machine for the conservative Republican party. It is also a stunning success in any measure – within a few years of its launch FNC rose to #1 amongst all of the cable news networks in the US.
It is one of the few US cable networks to be simulcast to the UK with minimal changes – only the ad breaks are replaced.

Click for larger image Fox Report
FNC’s 7pm newscast of record features Shepard Smith and his trademark nearly-histrionic style. The black and green graphics look straight out of a horror movie. The trademark 'Fox Look' is in effect here - percussive music, an announcer introducing 'The most POWERFUL name in news', Shep Smith standing next to a virtual monitor. The intro features some good shots of Fox News’ headquarters in Midtown Manhattan.
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Click for larger image Fox News Live
Click for larger image Fox News Live is the name for news briefs during primetime programming. It also used to be the name of daytime rolling news coverage up until a few years ago. The music is a snippet of the news channel’s theme music, supplied by NJJ (also composers of Fox’s familiar sports themes). A good example of the channel’s visual style post-9/11, with topical images and American flag edited in.

Click for larger image The O'Reilly Factor
Click for larger image Bill O’Reilly’s 'no spin zone' launched with the network in 1996 and is currently the highest-rated programme on Fox News Channel. It is built entirely around the presenter’s confrontational image and opinion - in fact, his commentary begins nearly every show. Graphics play a huge role - the 'talking points' memo features large text illustrating O’Reilly’s points.

Click for larger image Fox News Alert
Click for larger image The network labels breaking news as 'Fox News Alerts' - and introduces them with the (in)famous 'chime'. It’s the type of bold pres element that instantly attracts viewers to the TV - at least at first, until Fox News developed a habit of using the chime when they didn’t really need to. Note the 'Live' DOG, which uses the American flag and was a popular part of FNC’s presentation.

Click for larger image Your World with Cavuto
Your World is Fox News Channel’s 4pm stock market wrap-up show, hosted by CNBC veteran Neil Cavuto, vice-president for Business News at FNC and instrumental in setting up spin-off Fox Business. Apparently Cavuto doesn’t have to use his first name in the titles...
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