Fox Kids was originally the children's arm of the Fox network in the US. By 1996 it had evolved into a partnership between News Corp./Fox and children's TV mogul and self-proclaimed "cartoon schlepper" Haim Saban, as Fox Kids Worldwide (later Fox Family Worldwide, after their purchase and rebranding of the US Family Channel). The Fox/Saban partnership opened localised Fox Kids channels around the world.
Fox and Saban ended the partnership and decided to sell Fox Family Worldwide in 2001. Disney, which narrowly lost the initial bidding for The Family Channel in 1997, bought the entire group for a whopping US$3.2 billion in a deal that is widely considered to be amongst that company's biggest blunders. Disney inherited the Fox Kids channels, and throughout 2004 transitioned them to a new branding, "Jetix".

Click for larger image Fox Kids Launch
Click for larger image Fox Kids was launched to the UK on 19th September 1996, here it is, nothing fancy, just straight into the first programme!
The logo was used in the US but not given the full 3D treatment, as seen here in the UK.

Click for larger image Fox Kids Promo & Break Bumper
Click for larger image Fox Kids Promo and Break Bumper (1996)
Left Clip - Trailer for the upcoming Fox Kids Comedy Club, featuring Three Littles Ghosts and Inspector Gadget.
Right Clip - Short Break Bumper

Click for larger image Fox Kids Ident
Click for larger image Down the pipes to the lair of Fox Kids, home of the good stuff!
Fox Kids Europe had these splended "tunnel" idents that were transported to the US block, albeit briefly.

Click for larger image Fox Kids - Take The Ride Promo
Click for larger image Fox Kids need you!  Take a trip round town, on the Tube and through the streets with Fox Kids and your favourite cartoon pals.
"Take The Ride" was the slogan that accompanied the tunnel idents in America. Apparently, the Fox Kids US staff disliked the European idents, and they were replaced in a few months with something more elaborate and original.

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