Mirror on the Motorway
1974 COI / BFI
Use your mirror often.

Motorbikes Stay Back
1978 COI / BFI
"Lay back. Ride wide."
1970s-style rock song urging motorcyclists to give themselves plenty of room when behind and overtaking vehicles.

Motorboat Explosion
1978 COI / BFI
"Petrol or gas, check for leaks."
John Shrapnel narrates.

Click for larger image Motorway Signs
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Neighbourly Nell
1981 COI / BFI
"Call the Police. Don't wait until it's too late."
When all her pets react to the sound of a smashed window, Nell does the neighbourly thing and calls the Police.

Click for larger image Never Forget Clunk Click
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Click for larger image Never Say Yes to a Cigarette
1980 COI / BFI
Click for larger image "Never say yes to a cigarette."
Nasty Nick O'Teen is on the prowl trying to get kids to start smoking. However, Superman's arrival saves the day!

Click for larger image Never Say Yes to a Cigarette
Click for larger image Never say yes to a cigarette.

Old Smokers
1980 COI / BFI
"The older you are, the more likely you will be injured or killed in a fire."
An elderly man sits down on his armchair, lights a cigarette and reflects on his day spent at a Horse Show.

Only Old Once
1975 COI / BFI
"You're only old once."
A lesson in Green Cross Code etiquete for Chelsea Pensioners!

Overtaking Near Junctions
1978 COI / BFI
"Don't overtake near junctions."
Keith Barron explains that overtaking near a junction is like driving straight at a brick wall... literally.

Pavement Parking
1981 COI / BFI
"Leave the pavement for pedestrians."
Voiced by Joss Ackland.

Peach and Hammer: Old Man
1976 COI / BFI
"Eyes and ears. It's your lookout."
An exercise in how to cross the road when there are no marked road crossings.

Pedal Cycle Safety: Distractions
1980 COI / BFI
"Steer clear of bikes."
The road is tougher on cyclists than it is on drivers. Give them room, give them time, or you don't give them a chance.

Pedal Cycle Song
1978 COI / BFI
Click for larger image "Get yourself seen."
Through the power of song, cyclists are advised to wear something bright to be safely seen at night.

Click for larger image Pick Your Lane
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Pipe Bursts
1969 COI / BFI
An object lesson in dealing with a burst pipe.

1982 COI / BFI
"Look after your plastic."
In a classroom three prospective thieves are instructed on how to steal credit cards and cheque books from the unsuspecting public.
Features Alfie Bass.

Play Safe: Frisbee
1979 COI / BFI
"Keep away from substations."
Jimmy's toy frisbee ends up landing inside an electrical substation. His sister persuades him to break into the substation to retrieve it.
Jayne Tottman plays the sister of Jiimmeeeeeee.

Prams and Pushchairs
1979 COI / BFI
"Don't let the nightmare come true."
In the style of Edvard Munch's 'The Scream', this animated PIF highlights the dangers of hanging heavy bags on pram handles.

Property Coding
1984 COI / BFI
Get your own back. Postcode it.

Protect and Survive
1975 COI / BFI
"Action After Warnings."
Patrick Allen narrates this segment of the Protect and Survive collection, where we are told what do if we hear a warning sign.

Rabies Advice
1983 COI / BFI
Rabies kills.

Rabies: Airport
1982 COI / BFI
"Rabies means death."
An airport baggage checker (Ben Aris) finds that a passenger isn't telling the truth when she states she has nothing to declare.
Clive Swift narrates.

Click for larger image Read the Road
1983 COI / BFI
Click for larger image "Take care at junctions."
Madeline Bell sings this little ditty about reading the road ahead.

Click for larger image Reduced Street Lighting
1976 COI / BFI
Click for larger image "See and be seen."
A father (voiced by Peter Hawkins) explains to his son (voiced by Rodney Bewes) how important it is to use headlights on a car when there is reduced street lighting.

Road Safety: Blunt Instrument
1992 COI / BFI
In built-up areas kill your speed, not a child.

Road Safety: Message
1980 COI / BFI
"Children under 5 must never be let out of doors on their own."
NB. A brief extract from 'Overtaking Near Junctions' is used within this PIF.

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