Jim Bacon
Not so much a presenter, but a move never the less, from a National BBC Weather forecaster in the 1980's to Anglia Television's Weather in the 1990's and later BBC East.
Jim Bacon now runs his own commercial weather company.

Richard Baker
Richard Baker was the first voice to be heard on a regular TV news bulletin, broadcast in 1954. He continued with BBC News until his retirement on 31 December 1982. Out of interest Richard was also the voice of the children's TV series Mary, Mungo and Midge! He went on to present various programmes, including "Your Hundred Best Tunes" on BBC Radio's 2 & 4.
Currently enjoying retirement

Llewella Bailey
From Central News East to Central News West, then back to East and now back to West again!
Does a Yo-Yo come to mind?

Carol Barnes
From ITN to well, ITN! After retirement from the national news, Carol rejoined ITN as one of the "Star Presenters" to cover the "War on Saddam" on the ITV News Channel.
Sadly, Carol died from a stroke in March 2008

Pete Barroclough
Former TSW Today presenter, Pete Barraclough, can now be seen reporting for Sky News.

Felicity Barr
Felicity Barr, former fill in presenter and reporter for the North Edition of Meridian Tonight, had moved to LNN's London Tonight by 2000. Felicity moved to presenting and reporting for the sport from ITN, and now works for the English Al Jazeera channel.

Martin Bashir
From reporting for London Plus in 1988, Martin has now made his name interviewing the headline makers of the day, on ITV
Currently co-hosting "Nightline" on ABC in the USA

Louise Batchelor
From BBC Reporting Scotland to BBC Newsroom South and then back to BBC Reporting Scotland!
Currently freelance and Louise is also a director of the Fair Isle Bird Observatory and on the steering committee for two community woodlands.

Richard Bath
Richard Bath, took over as presenter of London Plus when Steve Clarke moved to Thames. Richard didn't make the move to Newsroom South East, but left to bigger and better things at ITN. Whilst at ITN, Richard did a little "moonlighting" at Anglia News in Norwich. Richard also presented on BBC World for a short time during the 1990's.
Richard can now be seen co-presenting Westcountry Live from Plymouth, with Alexis Bowater.

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Sue Beardsmore
Sue joined the BBC in 1977 as a secretary. On 17th January 1983 she presented the very first Midlands bulletin on BBC Breakfast Time.
Sue currently works as a public space co-ordinator at BBC Birmingham in the city's Mailbox complex. When BBC radio internet broadcasts of live events (e.g. football matches), breach copyright guidelines, an announcement, voiced by Sue, is played instead.

Darren Betts
From BBC Look North in Leeds to the BBC Weather Centre in London. Another weatherman makes good!

Andy Bevan
From one Central News region to another. Multi-tasker Andy has made the move from Abingdon to Birmingham.
Currently working for the Guardian

Vanessa Black
From ITN to Border's Lookaround in 2000.

David Bobin
Former Southern, TVS and Meridian sports presenter, David Bobin, can now be seen on presenting on Sky.

Daniel Boettcher
There at the launch of Westcountry Live in 1993, Daniel can now be seen reporting for BBC News

Ian Bolton
From East Midlands Today to Sky Sports

Click for larger image Jennie Bond

Jules Botfield
From BBC LDN in 2001 to BBC Breakfast in 2002. Jules now co-presents the breakfast show on BBC Radio Kent with John Warnett. Occasionally stands in on the south-east edition of "Inside Out"

Frank Bough
Frank Bough, the true presenters presenter. Frank first appeared on Home at Six, the forerunner to Look North in Newcastle. The bright lights of London beckoned with a move to Grandstand, Nationwide. He also launched BBC Breakfast Time in 1983, Europe's first regular breakfast TV programme. Frank also presented the Holiday programme for a while. Frank then moved to Sky and LWT. During 1996, Frank could again be be seen presenting holiday programmes, this time on the cable channel Travel.
Now enjoying retirement in Berkshire
You don't see too much of him these days

Ed Boyle
Former Thames News reporter, Ed Boyle, could be seen on LWT News by 1991. Next was Westcountry Live in 1993. Ed then went on to be a political analyst , occasionally reporting for CBS News in the US.
Ed now runs his own film production company (his website is www.edboylefilms.co.uk)

Sally Bowman
Sally Bowman, presenter of Lookaround moved to Central News in Nottingham in the mid 1990's. Sally has now followed many others to the BBC for East Midlands Today.

Click for larger image Lindsey Brancher
From Sky News in 1990 to BBC World in 1996.
Now a magistrate in Berkshire

Jon Brain
Former East Midlands Today presenter, Jon Brain, can now be seen reporting for BBC Breakfast

Sean Brickell
Sean Brickell first appeared presenting on the overnight shift on Sky News. A move to Westcountry followed in 1993 at the launch.
Sean can now be seen reporting for BBC News 24.

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Adrian Britton
Adrian Britton, former newsreader for Central News in the West Midlands can now be seen reporting and presenting for ITN.

Fern Britton
Fern started her TV career in the South West with both the BBC and Westward. Next Fern could be seen in the mid 1980s reading the News on the BBC's Breakfast Time and occasionally on the sofa with Frank Bough. This was followed by a move to TVS to co-present the South edition of Coast to Coast with Fred Dinenage. Whilst at TVS Fern co-presented the networked Airport 90 programmes with Nick Owen. Fern didn't follow Fred to Meridian, becoming entertainment corespondent for London Tonight instead. This was short lived as soon after Fern moved to GMTV.This was followed by the popular Ready Steady Cook.
Fern went on to co-present This Morning with Philip Schofield each weekday morning on ITV1.

Fiona Bruce
From Newsroom South East to bigger things with the National News.
Fiona now presents the BBC 10 o'clock News when Huw Edwards has time off Plus Crimewatch UK and Real Story - the current affairs programme produced at BBC Manchester

Lynda Bryans
A simple case of switching channels for Lynda Bryans. From BBC Inside Ulster to join her husband Michael Nesbitt on UTV Live at Six.
Lynda now co-runs a media production and facilitation company with her husband, and she also runs a coffee and gift shop in Groomsport, two miles east of Bangor in Northern Ireland. http://www.take1take2.com/index.php?page=lynda-bryans

Click for larger image Bill Buckley
Bill's first TV appearance was on That's Life in 1982.  Since then, he has presented BBC Spotlight in 1987 as cover after Sue King defected to TSW.  Bill has also worked in Local Radio and ITV Meridian and a reporter for the Holiday Show.  Bill also has a No.2 Hit Record (Starting Together by Su Pollard) and appeared in 10 pantos.  Mr Buckley was one of the first continuity announcers on Five.  He is a member of the Guild of Food Writers, and writes restaurant reviews for the viewlondon website.  Bill now presents a late night radio show and a food programme on Sundays for LBC and is a judge on ITV1's Britains Best Dish.

Michael Buerk
Former Newspaper journalist, Michael's first venture into TV was at HTV West in Bristol. Michael then moved on to ITN and then to BBC News in London, spending many years as the BBC's Southern Africa correspondent. It was during this time that he filled the now famous Report on the drought in Ethiopia in 1984 which was the inspiration for Band Aid
He has also presented 999, 2000 Today, and the BBC's Eclipse coverage. Michael can also be heard on Radio 4's The Moral Maze.

Click for larger image Roland Buerk
The son of BBC newsreader Michael Buerk.

Kay Burley
From Tyne Tees Television to TV-am in 1988 then Sky News in 1989 at it's launch, and Kay is still there today presenting her own programme "Lunchtime Live"

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Gordon Burns
Click for larger image From UTV Reports in the 1970's to BBC North West Tonight in 1997. He is still there as main anchor
Oh, and Gordon has presented other programmes in between, such as the Krypton Factor for ITV and A Word in Your Ear for the BBC.

Mike Bushell
Mike Bushell, from BBC South Today to presenting the sport on BBC Breakfast, BBC News 24 and BBC World.
Mike can sometimes be seen back at BBC South Today presenting the sport!

Penny Bustin
Penny Bustin, a former reporter with YTV Calendar and BBC Breakfast Time joined London Plus in 1988.
Next was a move to Norwich to present Look East, by 1989. Penny left BBC East in 1997 for Charity Work. This was followed by a move up north to report and present for Tyne Tees on North East Tonight. Penny is currently a mature student and can sometimes be seen reporting and presenting on the Leeds edition of Look North and North of Westminster

Click for larger image Rob Butler
Click for larger image From BBC World to Channel 5

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