Robin Galloway
Former Grampian continuity announcer Robin Galloway can now be heard on Real Radio for the Lowlands of Scotland.

Kate Garaway
Kate Garaway, from Central News (South) to the South East edition of Meridian Tonight. Following this she presented for a short time on BBC World before a move to Sky News followed by 1998.
Kate can now be seen presenting on GMTV

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Andrew Gardner
The first co-newscaster on ITN's News at 10 in 1967, Andrew moved over to Thames News in the 1980's and stayed till the end.
Sadly Andrew died in April 1999

Phil Gayle
From Channel 4's the Big Breakfast to LNN's Seven Days and This Week. Most recent info suggests he has written for The Guardian and, most recently, hosted a show on BBC Manchester. He is currently writing a novel and a play set in the world of news.

Shiulie Ghosh
From BBC Newsroom South East to ITN

Peter Gibbs
Former Look East weatherman Peter Gibbs can now be seen nationwide on BBC ONE and BBC News 24

Rob Glass
From forecasting the weather for BBC East Midlands Today in 1996, to forecasting the weather for Channel 5, from it's launch in March 1997. Rob's next stop was with BBC East Midlands Today as a reporter.
He's making films now.

David Glencourse
From Scotland Today to ITN to Sky News, at it's launch in 1989. David went on to reporting and presenting for the South East edition of Meridian Tonight.
David left Meridian and runs his own consultancy company in London offering crisis management and media training.

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Amanda Goodman
Amanda Goodman moved from Look North in Newcastle to Look East, where she launched the Close Up strand for viewers in the West of the region in 1997.
Now presents the Cambridge opt-out for Look East.

Haig Gordon
Former Scotland Today presenter, Haig Gordon had made the move to Central News (West) by 1988. Next stop was reporting for LNN's, London Tonight in 2002.
Has apparently given up journalism and now writes books on the Galloway area of Scotland.

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Harry Gration
Harry Gration, Mr Look North (Leeds) himself!
During his time at Look North, Harry would occasionally present Final Score or items for Grandstand. Harry's love for Rugby League got the better of him when he became Director of Publicity in 1994. Harry couldn't keep away from television but the return was not to Look North, South Today was his destination in 1995.
Obviously homesick, Harry has returned Home to Look North (Leeds) in 1999

Mary Green
Former Channel TV presenter Mary Green could be seen presenting Wild West End on Sky News in 1989.
Mary then moved to the TVS and then the South edition of Meridian Tonight at its launch in 1993.
Mary is now one of the main presenters of the North Edition of Meridian Tonight, from Newbury.
Incidentally, Mary is married to BBC reporter, Robert Hall.

Trevor Green
From Granada Tonight in 1990, to Sky News in 2002.
Takes part in various media think tanks but not much else is known. Not totally sure if he's still at Sky or not.

Sarah Greene
Former children's presenter, Sarah Greene, is probably best known as presenter of Blue Peter from 1980 - 1983. Sarah was also queen of Saturday mornings, presenting both Saturday Superstore and Going Live. During 1985 Sarah did a stint presenting BBC London Plus alongside Jeremy Paxman! She also appeared in Doctor Who - Attack of the Cybermen in 1985.
Sarah is married to TV presenter Mike Smith.

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Gavin Grey
The new Westcountry Television brought with it many new faces, one of them was Gavin Grey. By 1996 Gavin had moved North to Abingdon to read the news at Central South. A short hop to Newbury followed taking Gavin to the North edition of Meridian Tonight. Gavin went onto work as an occassional freelance consultant to a PR company whilst continuing to work as a journalist. Most regularly as the UK based correspondent for Channel 9 Australia and Fox Business News in the US. He also works for a large number of radio stations in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Africa. As well as presenting occassionaly for the BBC News Channel.

Sharon Grey
From Anglia News (East) to ITN

Geta Guru-Murthy
From BBC Look North in Leeds in 1996, to BBC News 24 / BBC World in London in 2002