Jackie Kabler
Former Channel TV and HTV News (West) reporter, Jackie Kabler, can now be seen reporting for GMTV.

Vincent Kane
Vincent Kane, the Jeremy Paxman of BBC Wales. Vincent joined BBC Wales in 1962 as a reporter for BBC Wales Today. He also presented the long running current affairs programme Week in Week Out between the 1960's and 1980's. Vincent re-joined Wales Today in 1986, this time as main presenter. He was never seen reading the short bulletins, with the exception of the NUJ strike at the BBC in 1989! A local South Wales newspaper once carried out a comparison of BBC Wales and BBC West. They gave Vincent 10 out of 10. Anyone who survives an interview intact 11 out of 10! He left BBC Wales Today in 1993 for other projects. He left BBC Wales in 1998. Now a director of Windpower Wales.

Natasha Kaplinsky
Natasha Kaplinsky has presented for Meridian and LNN's London Tonight, before moving to Sky News in 2000.
Natasha moved to BBC Breakfast and then the BBC 6 o'clock News.

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Robert Kee
Former ITN First Report presenter, Robert Kee, was one of the "Famous Five" who launched in 1983. He didn't stay long!

Ross Kelly
Former Lookaround presenter, Ross Kelly made the move to London to report and sometimes present for GMTV. Ross left GMTV in 2000, and went onto co-presenting the Heaven and Earth Show on BBC 1 on Sunday Mornings.
Last seen presenting "Burn Your Bills" on ITV1 in 2005

Kenneth Kendall
Following his retirement from BBC News, Kenneth became the studio based presenter of Treasure Hunt on Channel 4 in 1982.
He now lives in Cowes on the Isle of Wight where he has been the owner of a marine art gallery, and is a keen beekeeper.

Sarah Kennedy
Sarah has presented a variety of programmes including Game for a Laugh, 60 Minutes and Daytime.
She can now be heard on BBC Radio 2.

Riz Khan
From BBC Newsroom South East in 1990 to Central News (West) in 1991. Riz went on to presenting at CNN International.
Now hosts a politcal debate talk show on Al Jazeera's English Channel.

Mike Kilbane
Mike Kilbane, from BBC South East to BBC Midlands Today in Birmingham.

Allan King
From one satellite broadcaster to another. BSB News in 1990 to Sky News in 2002.
Now CEO of Group K Broadcasting, his media training company.

Sue King
Former Horses Galor presenter, Sue King was best known in the South West as co-presenter of BBC Spotlight.
Sue had swiched sides to present Today for TSW by 1988. There she sayed stayed till the bitter end in 1992. By 1993 Sue had appeared on HTV News in Bristol. Sue has now left HTV News, but still presents for HTV.

Sue Kinnear
Sue Kinnear, from Anglia News (East) in Norwich, to Meridian Tonight (South East) in Maidstone.
Sue is now freelance.