Russell Labey
Former Channel TV continuity and presenter, Russell Labey had joined Spotlight by 1992. Russell left Spotlight in 2001 to concentrate on his other work as both Playwright and Director.
He was resident director for "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" at the London Palladium and was script editor on the film "Milk" starring Sean Penn.

Ruth Langsford
Former TSW continuity announcer and newsreader, Ruth Langsford can now be seen on holiday shopping channel TV Travel Shop 2. Ruth has also presented various other programmes including the Really Useful Show on BBC 1.
Ruth could also be seen standing in for Fern Britton on ITV1's This Morning.

Paul Lavers
Former actor, Paul Lavers could be seen in the 1978 Doctor Who story, The Androids of Tara! Next came Anglia Television. Here Paul tried his hand (successfully) at continuity announcing . Paul is probably most famous for his appearances on shopping channel QVC. He was there for 7 years. Paul left QVC at the end of 1999 for other ventures.
Now an acting and presenting coach.

Sue Lawley
Former Spotlight South West reporter, Sue Lawley, made the move to Nationwide in the 1970's. Following it's demise and the demise of the ill fated 60 Minutes, Sue joined Nicholas Whitchell as co-presenter of the BBC's Six Clock News in 1984. Following this Sue presented Here and Now from BBC Manchester and various other programmes for ITV.
Sue can now be heard each week presenting Desert Island Disks on BBC Radio 4.

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John Lawrence
John lawrence, like many other newsreaders, switched channels from Tyne Tees to BBC North (Newcastle) in 1996 to co-present Look North following Mike Neville's departure to Tyne Tees!

Laurence Lee
Laurence Lee, former BBC Midlands newsreader, can now be seen reporting for Sky News.

Steve Lee
Steve Lee, from BBC Midlands Today to Central News (West) in 2001. Steve went on to be seen reporting all the latest sports news on Sky News.
Currently freelance and I believe he runs his own media production company

Jan Leeming
Former Westward continuity announcer and HTV News (West) presenter, Jan Leeming, could be seen reading the BBC News during the 1980's and early 1990's

Cathy Le Feuvre
Cathy Le Feuvre, from Channel Report in 1992 to BBC Look East in 1997.
Last known hosting "Prayer For The Day" on BBC Radio 4

Justin Leigh
Justin joined BBC Radio Cornwall as a volunteer presenter in 1987 and never looked back.
He joined BBC Spotlight in 1997 and is one of the programmes main presenters. Justin also presents a daily show on BBC Radio Devon.

Steve Le Fevre
From Calendar News to the quiz The Biggest Game in Town.
A wide a varied career, Steve now does voice-overs, produces and directs as well as runs his own media training company

Anne Leuchars
Former ITN reporter and presenter, Anne Leuchars, could be seen newsreading for BBC Look North, in Newcastle in 2000. Anne rejoined ITN breifly as one of the "Star Presenters" to cover the "War on Saddam".
Now presents the afternoon show on BBC Newcastle.

Peter Levy
Peter Levy joined BBC North from commercial radio in 1987. He presented the Look North Breakfast and Lunchtime bulletins and a daily show on BBC Radio Leeds. Peter could moved to Hull to co present the new Hull edition of BBC Look North with Helen Morton.
Continues to present Look North (East Yorks and Lincolnshire) with Caroline Davis.

Holly Lewis
From Westcountry Live in 1994 to the Southampton edition of Meridian Tonight in 1996, to health corespondent.
Has left Meridian and is now a media trainer/presenter

Martyn Lewis
Former HTV Wales reporter, Martyn moved to ITN.
Martyn next moved over to BBC News to launch the new One O'Clock News in 1986. He left BBC News in May 1999.

Peter Lewis
Peter Lewis joined LWT in the 1970's, and stayed well beyond the demise of In Vision continuity Announcers. Peter could also be seen announcing on HTV West during the 1980's. He returned to announcing briefly for a weekend in 1998 to celebrate 30 Years of LWT. Peter now runs a Management Consultancy

Shaun Ley
Shaun Ley had made the move from BBC News West in Bristol to BBC South East in Elstree by 1995. This was followed in 2000 by a move to the BBC National News as a political reporter.
Now presents "The World At One" and "The World This Weekend" on BBC Radio 4

Heather Lima
Heather Lima, there at the launch of Westcountry Live in 1993, moved to the bright lights of Newsroom South East.
Last known as a sports reporter for The Bangkok Post Newspaper.

Judi Lines
The stern Judi Lines moved from presenting BBC Look East to anouncing for Tyne Tees.
Judi no longer works in television, instead at the department store Fenwicks.

Mark Lipscomb
Mark started his television career behind the camera. Mark then moved to newreading and announcing on BBC World Service Radio. Next was announcing for TVS and then Thames in 1989. With the exception of Wesley Smith and Anne Dawson, Mark is the longest serving presenter at Central News (South). Mark was the only member of the Thames announcing team to transfer to Carlton in 1993.
Stills courtesy of Mark Lipscomb.

Sian Lloyd
Former S4C continuity announcer Sian Lloyd, can now be seen presenting the ITV National Weather.

Terry Lloyd
ITN Reporter Terry Lloyd was tragically killed in Iraq on Saturday 22nd March 2003 whilst reporting for ITV News. A former Central News East reporter, Terry joined ITN in 1983. Terry was no stranger to Iraq, he was there reporting for ITN in the Gulf Conflict of 1991. These pictures are from Terry's last report for ITN on Saturday 22nd March 2003.
Terry Lloyd 21/11/52 - 22/03/03

Sarah Lockett
Sarah Lockett, from Meridian Tonight (South East) to BBC Newsroom South East in 2000. Sarah went on be seen presenting on both Sky News and BBC News 24!
Now a corporate presenter and sometimes presents on the Local Government Channel

Vicky Locklin
From Tyne Tees Television in Newcastle, Vicky moved South to Yorkshire Television in Leeds to Calendar.
Vicky can now be seen back a Tyne Tees

Mark Longhurst
Former Thames News presenter, Mark Longhurst, had move to TVAM by 1988. Following the departure of Paddy Haycocks from BBC South Today, Mark took over the helm in 1993. A few years later Mark had moved back to London, this time to present on BBC World. Mark obviously has a liking for 24 News Channels, since the next move was to Sky News, on which he can still be seen

Matthew Lorenzo
Matt Lorenzo, from Sky News to Sky (Sports) News! In between Matt moved to London Tonight at it's launch in 1993. This was followed by GMTV, where he co-presented the News Hours for a period.
Matt is now back with Sky, he can be seen presenting on Sky Sports News.

Alex Lush
From BBC South Today, across to Meridian Tonight in Southampton by 2001.
Now runs a company with her husband providing Broadcast PR, Media Training, Audio and Video Production Services.

Jake Lynch
Former Tyne Tees newsreader, Jake Lynch's next stop was reporting for BBC News 24.
Moved to Australia in 2006 and now writes books on his experience in Journalism