Anne MacKenzie
Former North Tonight presenter, Anne Mackenzie, left for BBC Scotland fronting programmes such as Newsnight Scotland.
She now presents "Four Corners" on BBC Radio 4

Helen McDermott
Former Westward continuity announcer, Helen McDermott, made the move to Anglia in the early 1980's. Helen went on to be one of the main presenters on the East edition of Anglia News.
Helen went onto workas a radio Presenter on 99.9 Radio Norwich, but left in 2010 for a slot on BBC Radio Norfolk.

Richard Madeley
It's Mr This Morning, well was Mr This Morning. Before all the fame, Richard was a news reporter at BBC Radio Carlisle and then reported for Border's Lookaround also in Carlisle and Yorkshire's Calendar in Leeds. Richard's last job before This Morning was presenter of Granada Reports, then based in at the Albert Dock in Liverpool. Richard can of course now be seen on Channel 4.

Sally Magnusson
Sally Magnusson moved from BBC Breakfast Time to the new Sixty Minutes programme in 1983. Following it's demise a year later, Sally became one of the founder members of the BBC London Plus team. 1987 and it was back to Breakfast Time and subsequently Breakfast News. Sally went on to present BBC Reporting Scotland.
Still presents occasionnally on BBC Reporting Scotland, but is mainly to be found on Radio Scotland, most recently "Sally On Sunday"

Angharad Mair
Angharad was unique in Wales as the only newsreader to read the news regularly on both BBC Wales and S4C.

Eddie Mair
Former BBC Reporting Scotland presenter, Eddie Mair moved to BBC Radio 5 Live at it's launch.
Eddie can now be heard presenting BBC Radio 4's Broadcasting House programme.

Emily Maitlis
Emily Maitlis, former Sky News presenter could now be seen presenting the new BBC London News (BBC LDN).
Emily now presents on BBC News 24 and Newsnight.

Carol Malia
Carol took over as main co-presenter of the Newcastle edition of Look North in 1996, following the departure of Mike Neville to Tyne Tees.
She recently gave birth to a girl in Newcastle's Royal Victoria Infirmary.

Joanne Malin
Central News (West) presenter, Joanne Malin, went on to be seen presenting the overnight bulletins on Sky News.
Before Central News Joanne could be seen presenting on cable channel Live TV. Now a presenter on BBC WM

Kim Marks
Kim Marks was on of the main BBC Wales bulletin newsreaders, along with Kevin Owen and Jayne Case during the late 1980's and early 1990's.
Kim can now be heard announcing and newsreading on BBC Radio Wales.

Peter Marshall
Peter Marshall, was for a time continuity announcer for both Thames Television and HTV West, at the same time! Peter tried his hand at being a quiz show host in 1989, hosting Sky's re-make of Sale of the Century. Peter moved to London's Melody FM in the late 1990's.
He is now a property developer.

Keith Martin
Keith was continuity announcer for both TVS and LWT during the 1980's.
Current whereabouts unknown

Laurie Mayer
Laurie Mayer presented many programmes for the BBC including Nationwide, South East at Six and Breakfast Time and later Breakfast News. He left the BBC in 1993 to join Sky News. Laurie next become Director of Public Affairs at Harrods in 1998. Laurie returned to the BBC to present the new BBC South East Today from Tunbridge Wells in 2001. Laurie no longer presents South East Today, having left in July 2002.

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Heather McCarthy
Heather McCarthy, from BBC South Today to BBC News 24 and back to BBC South Today!

Mike McCarthy
Former reporter and presenter for BBC Look North (Leeds), Mike McCarthy moved behind the camera for a while.
Mike went on to be reporter for Sky News, and is now The Northern Bureau Chief for Sky News.

Annie Mckie
Former HTV West continuity announcer, Annie Mckie had joined BBC Points West by 1988.
Annie can now be heard announcing on BBC Radio 4.

Andrea Mclean
Andrea's first venture into television was at the short lived Weather Channel in 1996. Next came Talk Radio and Carlton Food Network. Andrea's next stop was at GMTV.
After a spell at GMTV, she bacame a part time presenter of "Loose Women" on ITV1 before quitting to spend more time with her family.

Lucy Meacock
Now known to viewers across the North West, Lucy first appeared presenting London Plus, along with Richard Bath, John Stapleton and Rob Curling to mention a few.
After a brief spell at ITN, shes is now back at Granada Reports alongside Tony Morris.

Geoff Meade
Click for larger image From TV-am in 1987 to Sky News in 1994.
Currently Sky News' Defense Correspondant.

Sally Meen
A former TSW continuity announcer (who was there to the end), Sally Meen moved on to the weather at breakfast station GMTV. Sally was also Jim Davidson's assistant on the Generation Game in the late 1990's. Sally, like so many other former regional presenters, can now be seen presenting on satellite.. first TV Travel Shopa and now Thomas Cook TV

Cliff Michelmore
From Tonight to Day by Day, Cliff Michelmore also presented the BBC's Holiday Programme, amongst others.
He rreturned to the BBC on 18 November 2007 to introduce a programme on BBC Parliament recalling the 1967 devaluation of the pound.Now retired from TV presenting and lives in South Harting, near Petersfield, Hampshire.

Guy Michelmore
Guy has fronted many programmes, from London Plus to Breakfast Time. When the BBC's South East News moved to BBC Elstree and re-launched, Guy was the obvious choice, so Newsroom South East was born. Guy even composed the theme! Guy has also penned the themes to many other programmes, including BBC Spotlight, BBC Look East and BBC Reporting Scotland too mention but a few. If you're wondering, yes he is the son of former Day by Day presenter, Cliff Michelmore.
Now a tutor for music production company in Los Angeles

Gillian Miles
Former TSW continuity announcer, Gillian Miles, could be seen reading the short BBC Spotlight bulletins by 1999.
Current whereabouts unknown

Graham Miller
Former HTV News (West) presenter, Graham Miller could be seen 10 years later presenting the sport on Thames News in London. Graham then moved to ITN followed by Sky Sports News.
Now runs own media Production company

Fiona Mills
Former BBC Look East Close Up Cambridge presenter Fiona Mills, went on to be seen sports reporting for Anglia News (West).
Last heard reading the sports reports for BBC Radio Northampton.

Ed Mitchell
From The European Business Channel in 1989 to the Channel 4 Daily in 1991. Ed went on to present for the ill fated European Business News channel in 1996. he's also presented for the BBC and CNBC.
He hit the headlines himself after being found sleeping rough on a park bench in Brighton following bankruptsy and mounting credit card debts along with a battle with alocholism. He has since turned his life around and is the new online editor for Inexcess television.

Linda Mitchell
From the BBC's Head of Diversity, Linda Mitchell once presented BBC London Plus in 1987 and TVAM in 1988.
Now a PHD Student at Cardiff University

Sarah Montague
Former Channel Report presenter Sarah Montague can now be heard on the Today programme on BBC Radio 4.
Sarah also reported for Sky News and presented BBC Breakfast for a short period.

Chris Morgan
Former BBC Wales Today newsreader, Chris Morgan, could be seen reporting for Thames News by 1990. The next stop for Chris was The Sunday Times.
Having suffered from a long period of clinical depression, Morgan comitted suicide at Kings Langley railway station in Hertfordshire in May 2008.

Jonathan Morrell
From BBC local radio to Tyne Tees then onto YTV's Calendar. Jonathan could also be seen presenting on the YTV/Granada Wellbeing channel. He then went onto be seen presenting on Sky News and back at Tyne Tees.
Jonathan left Tyne Tess and can now be heard on Real Radio in the North East.

Juliet Morris
Former BBC Spotlight presenter Juliet Morris, moved to London to present the BBC's Newsround in the early 1990's. This was followed by a move to grown up television and BBC Breakfast News. Juliet now presents various programmes for the BBC.

Mike Morris
Following the demise of TV-am in 1992, Mike headed North to co-present Yorkshire's Calendar, replacing Richard Whitley. Mike has now left Calendar after 7 years.
Now works for a media production company called "Network Films"

Helen Morton
Helen was at Sky News from the start in 1989. Next came GMTV.
Helen moved to Hull to co-present Look North with Peter Levy. Helen is now back at Sky News and five news.

Dermot Murnaghan
Dermot has presented for ITN's Channel 4 Daily, the European Business Channel and ITN News. Dermot's next stop was the BBC presenting BBC Breakfast and the re-launched Treasure Hunt.
Now presents on Sky News.

Jenni Murray
Jenni has presented many programmes, including South Today, London Plus, Sunday Morning (Anglia for ITV) and Womans Hour on BBC Radio 4.

Clive Myrie
From BBC Radio Bristol in the 1980's to BSB News in 1990.
Clive can now be seen reporting for BBC Breakfast.