Annie St John
Continuity announcer for both HTV West and Tyne Tees in the 1980's, Annie was promoted to co-presenter of the main HTV News bulletin in Bristol by 1989.
Tragically Annie committed suicide shortly after.

Jonathan Samuels
Former BBC Look East Close Up (Cambridge) presenter, Jonathan Samuels can now be seen reporting for Sky News.

Morland Sanders
From Tyne Tees in 1996 to BBC North (Leeds) in 2002 and North of Westminster. Morland's next stop was to BBC Manchester and then Granada. Last seen working for the "Tonight" programme on ITV1

Valerie Sanderson
Valerie Sanderson, former BBC Spotlight newsreader to BBC News 24. Last seen on the BBC World Service tv news.

Rianna Scipio
From LWT Weather in 1992 to the BBC's UK's Worst series in 2002.
Currently freelance, visit her website,

Angus Scott
Sports presenter Angus Scott made the move from HTV West in Bristol to LNN's London Tonight. Still pops up on tv occasionally, now on the academic staff at the University of Winchester.

Selina Scott
Former ITN newscaster, Selina Scott, moved over to the BBC to launch the BBC's Breakfast Time along with Frank Bough, in 1983. Selina have moved to satellite broadcaster BSB by 1990. Following it's "merger" with Sky, Selina could be seen on Sky News. Since Sky, Selina has made various programmes, including a chat show for cable channel NBC Super Channel. Currently freelance and, at time of writing, presenting various countryside shows for The Discovery Channel.

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Steve Scott
Steve Scott, from HTV News (West) to the ITN, oh and he's now back in Bristol co-presenting ITV West's The West Tonight, along with ITN on a Friday

Hugh Scully
Former Spotlight presenter Hugh Scully, went on to present Nationwide and later the Antiques Roadshow.
Now runs his own production company "Fine Art Productions"

Jayne Secker
Former HTV News (West) presenter and reporter, Jayne Secker, can now be seen reporting for Sky News.

Amanda Sergeant
One of the few BBC Wales presenters to make the 'Big Time'. Amanda can now be seen on GMTV.

Ian Seymour
Ian Seymour, from HTV News in Bristol to Sky News in 1990.

Jo Sheldon
Former Sky News presenter, Jo Sheldon, could also be seen on LWT's 6 O'Clock Live with Frank Bough in 1991. Next came GMTV, where Jo was their Royal Correspondent and on occasions read the news bulletins. Since GMTV, Jo has presented many programmes, including EBN and CNBC.

Roger Shaw
Roger Shaw, continuity announcer for both Westward and TSW.

Roy Sheppard
Former BBC Wales continuity announcer, Roy Sheppard could occasionally be seen reading the BBC Wales Today Headlines and the Saturday bulletin for BBC Points West. Roy had moved to BBC London Plus by 1988. Roy Sheppard is now a specialist Conference Moderator at business events.

Allen Sinclair
Allen Sinclair previously with Westcountry News in Plymouth, can now be seen reporting and presenting for BBC South Today.

Peter Sissons
Peter Sissons, from ITN to BBC News, now just presenting on BBC News 24

Anya Sitaram
From ITN in 1996 to Sky News in 2002, via Tomorrows World!

Christopher Slade
Christopher Slade, from Spotlight to, well, Spotlight! Christopher recently made a welcome, if brief, return to Spotlight, following a gap of 10 years.
He originally left to jointly run his own production company in Devon.

Mike Smartt
From Look North in Leeds to BBC News in London. After 20 years in front of the camera Mike stepped behind them to launch BBC News Online in November 1997 and now runs BBC News's web and interactive TV operations.

Cathy Smith
Former BBC North West Tonight presenter, Cathy Smith, moved to GMTV in 1993.
Next was Channel 4 News.

Giles Smith
Giles Smith, for some reason made the move from ITN to HTV Wales!
I guess there was a reason!

Penny Smith
Penny Smith joined Border Television in 1987 to co-present Lookaround. This was followed by a move South to present Thames News with Andrew Gardner in 1988. She didn't stay long, joining Sky News from the start in 1989, co-presenting the Sunrise programme. Penny obviously likes the early mornings, joining GMTV in 1993. Penny can now be seen presenting the GMTV News Hour and reading the news bulletins on GMTV Today each weekday morning.

Wesley Smith
Former Central News (West) reporter, Wesley Smith launched Central News South in 1989. Along with Anne Dawson, he was half of one of the longest serving duo on Regional News, lasting 13 years!

Julia Somerville
From the BBC's Nine O'Clock News, Julia was enticed to ITN to co-present News at Ten.

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Anna Soubry
Anna Soubry made the move from Central News (East) to front programmes from This Morning to the Time The Place. Anna is now a practicing Barrister in Nottingham. She stood as Conservative candidate for Gedling (Nottingham) constituency in the 2005 General Election. Anna was elected as Conservative MP for Broxtowe at the May 2010 general election.

Judi Spiers
From continuity duties at Westward and TSW, Judi hit the Big Time at Pebble Mill and Daytime Live, plus a BBC Radio 2 show.
Judi can now be seen presenting the Westcountry Challenge and presenting on BBC Radio Devon

Martin Stanford
Martin had presented for South Today and Spotlight before the move to BSB News.
Following the merger of BSB and Sky, Martin Moved to Sky News.

John Stapleton
What can we say about John Stapleton? John's credits include Nationwide (BBC), TV-am, BBC London Plus (BBC), Watchdog (BBC) (with his wife!), Newsline (Sky News), The Time the Place (ITV) to name but a few. John can now be seen presenting the News Hour on GMTV between 6 and 7 am each weekday morning

Alaistair Stewart
Alaistair Stewart, from Southern Television to ITN. He left ITN in late 1992 to launch the new London Tonight programme for, well London, in 1993. He's still there. Can't say the same for his female co-presenters! Alaistair rejoined ITN as one of the "Star Presenters" to cover the "War on Saddam" on the ITV News Channel.

Moira Stuart
Probably the most familiar face on BBC News today, Moira can now be seen reading the news bulletins on BBC Breakfast, broadcast on both BBC 1 and BBC News 24.

Vivien Stuart
During the 1980s Vivien could be seen announcing and newsreading for Central, and heard on BBC Radio 2 as Terry Wogan's side kick amongst other jobs!

Edward Stourton
From ITN, Edward helped re-launch the BBC's One O'clock News in 1993

Jonathan Swain
Former Westcountry Live newsreader, Jonathan Swain, can now be seen reporting for GMTV.

Kerry Swain
Kerry Swain was the original co-presenter of Today South West, along with Kenneth McLeod. This was followed by a move to London and Thames News. Kerry can now be seen reporting and presenting for the South edition of Meridian Tonight from Southampton.

Richard Swallow
Richard Swallow, Anglia News mainstay since the start in 1988. Richard had previously worked for BBC Look North (Newcastle), BBC Spotlight in Plymouth, BBC World Television and the ITN Morning News.