Christine Talbot
Former BBC North West Tonight presenter, Christine Talbot, can now be seen presenting on Yorkshire Television, formally on Tonight until it's demise, the Wellbeing Channel and now on Calendar.

Chris Tarrant
From ATV Today to Who Wants to be a Millionaire! Chris has of course fronted many other programmes, such as Tiswas. He could be heard fronting the Breakfast Show on London's Capital FM

Sally Taylor
Sally Taylor joined South Today in 1989 from BBC Spotlight in Plymouth.
In that time Sally is now on her 6th or is it 7th co-presenter!

Shaw Taylor
Former ATV continuity announcer Shaw Taylor, could also be seen presenting Police 5, but not just for ATV, ABC in London also had their version. As did Central, LWT and TVS!

John Terrett
From BSB News in 1990, to BBC News in 2003.

Nick Thatcher
Former BBC East Midlands Today presenter Nick Thatcher can now be seen reporting for BBC News and BBC News 24.

John Thirwell
Former BBC Look North (Leeds) presenter, John Thirwell, could also be seen on the networked Gardeners Direct Line in the early 1990's.

Owen Thomas
Former Radio 1 newsreader Owen Thomas, made the move to television and London Tonight. This was followed by ITN.
Owen could be been seen co-presenting Central News at Six (East) for a short while

Sharon Thomas
From BBC Look North (North East & Cumbria) in 1999, to LNN's London Tonight in 2002.

Glen Thompsett
Glen can currently be heard as continuity announcer on LWT and seen on TV Travel Shop. He has also presented for QVC and Meridian News in the South East.
Stills courtesy of Glen Thompsett.

Beverley Thompson
Beverley first appeared with BBC Wales in the mid 1980's, reading the short bulletins, although appearances on Wales Today were not uncommon. Her career then took her to Points West in Bristol in 1988.
This move was followed by a trip to Look North in Newcastle by the early 1990's. Beverley then moved to BBC South Today in Southampton where she stayed until 2001. Beverley is now the health corespondent for the new BBC South East Today programme based in Tunbridge Wells. Out of interest, could Beverley have the same outfit on in the Look North and South Today stills 7 years on? I think Beverley is aiming for the record as presenter of the most Regional News programmes! Of course Kevin Owen is catching up quickly!

Jeremy Thompson
From presenting Look North in Leeds, Jeremy moved to London to report for ITN. Jeremy can now be seen presenting on Sky News.

Noel Thompson
Noel Thompson, presenter of Newsline. Noel also did a stint presenting the BBC Breakfast News during the late 1990's / early 2000 whilst still presenting Newsline in Belfast

Debbie Thrower
Not quite a simple switching channels for Debbie. In between Debbie presented the BBC National News and Songs of Praise. She launched the South edition of Meridian Tonight, along with Fred Dinenage. Debbie took a short break from Meridian to present on BBC Radio 2.

Caroline Thomsett
Caroline Thomsett, from newsreading and reporting on BBC Spotlight to reporting on BBC Breakfast.

Alan Towers
Alan Towers was BBC Midlands Today for 25 years. He was the main presenter of the programme through the 1970's and 1980's, presenting with Kay Alexander. Following a heart attack in the late 80's, Alan left the main programme. but continued to present the sport. Alan resigned on air on Saturday 26th July 1997 with these words: - "This is my last programme for the BBC after 25 years. When I first joined the corporation it was led by giants. Now it's being led by pygmies wearing blindfolds. How sad"

Gerard Tubb
Former Radio York and BBC Look North presenter, Gerard Tubb, moved to BSB News in 1990.
He can now be seen reporting for Sky News

Denis Tuohy
Long time ITN presenter, Denis Tuohy, had a short stint presenting South Today. Denis was due to launch BBC 2 on the 20th April 1964, but for a power failure! He did however feature in a news bulletin the following evening!