Anna Walker
From Calendar in 1989, to BSB in 1990.
Following the merger with Sky, Anna joined Sky News for a while. Anna has also reported on Wish You Were Here and presented Neighbours Revealed.

Linda Ward
Linda Ward, from Calendar in Leeds to Westcountry Live in Plymouth by 1994.
Proposed to her boyfriend on-air as I recall.

Bob Warman
Bob Warman, possibly Britain's first Breakfast presenter, with Good Morning Calendar in 1977. Bob then joined ATV Today and subsequently presented the West edition of Central News from day 1 in 1982. Can anyone remember Bob's attempt at being a game show host on Sky's version of The Price is Right? Oh, and Bob stills co-presents Central News (West) by the way.

Clare Weller
There at the launch of Meridian in 1993, Clare can now be seen on Anglia News, from Norwich.

Bob Wellings
From About Anglia to Nationwide, London Plus via Open Air to Sky News . Bob has presented the lot!

Elton Welsby
Former ITV Sports presenter, Elton Welsby, had moved to Granada by 1990.
Elton now presents on local radio station Century FM.

Jo Wheeler
Former Central continuity announcer, Jo Wheeler, made the move to BBC East Midlands Today when the programme launched in 1991. Jo became the programmes first weather presenter. Jo can now be seen presenting the weather on Sky News, along with Francis Wilson and Hazel Murray, to name a few.

Ian White
Ian White joined BBC Look East in 1993. He moved to BBC Leeds in 1996. Shortly after the move Ian took over Look North late bulletins.

Mark White
From North Tonight in 1993, to Sky News in 2001.

Stuart White
Former ATV and Central continuity anouncer, Stuart White, joined Look East as it's main co-presenter in 1984.
He's still there 18 years later!

Richard Whiteley
From ITN in 1967, Richard moved North to Leeds for the launch of Calendar and Yorkshire Television in July 1968. Richard went on to launch Countdown on the first day of Channel 4 in November 1982. He became known as Twice Nightly Whiteley as a result of fronting both programmes. He eventually left Calendar to concentrate on Countdown, where he remains to this day. Sadly Richard passed away on 26th June 2005 following Heart surgery.

Richard Whitmore
From the Nine O'Clock News, to Breakfast Time, from Sixty Minutes to the Daytime Summaries, Richard has presented the lot for BBC News! Richard now presents on TV Travel Shop.

Liz Wickham
Liz Wickham did not make the transition from TVS to Meridian, instead moving to LNN's London Tonight, in 1993.

Tim Wilcox
From ITN to BBC News 24 in 2002.

Helen Willetts
From BBC Wales Today in 1995 to the BBC Weather Centre. Another weather presenter makes the move!

Trish Williamson
Trish Williamson, weather presenter on TV-am, ITV National Weather and on TSW. Trish has also fronted her own travel series.

Jonathan Wills
Former Newsroom South East sports presenter Jonathan Wills, can now be seen as sports presenter on London Tonight and Goals Extra on LWT.

Anthony Wilson
Anthony Wilson, record producer, nightclub owner and presenter of various networked career programmes in the 1980's. Oh, and he presented Granada Reports during the 1970's and 1980's, starting in 1973! Anthony also presented for BSB's The Power Station during 1990. Monday 20th May 2002 saw Anthony return to Granada Reports, co-presenting with Lucy Meacock. Anthony has since left Granada Reports once more.

Francis Wilson
Former Thames News weatherman, Francis Wilson, made the big time presenting the weather for BBC Breakfast Time and News. Francis can now be seen presenting the weather on Sky News.

Michael Wilson
Former Thames Television business reporter, Michael Wilson, joined Sky News from the beginning in 1989. Next was GMTV in 1993.
He can now be seen back on Sky News.

Duncan Wood
Duncan Wood, former Tyne Tees newsreader and sports reporter, went on to report for GMTV.
Duncan now co-presents Yorkshire TV's evening news magazine, Calendar.

Ian Woods
Ian Woods, former BBC East Midlands Today presenter can now be seen reporting on Sky News.

Jane Wyatt
Jane Wyatt's stay at Tyne Tees was brief, she soon left to join TVS as a newsreader in 1988. She stayed on with Meridian and replaced Debbie Thrower as main co-presenter of the South edition of Meridian Tonight in 1994. Jane left Meridian in 1998 and now writes for a local paper.

Richard Wyatt
Richard joined HTV in May 1972 following on from a stint at a couple of BBC Local Radio stations.
Richard no longer presents HTV News, instead moving to the features department.

Tim Wyatt
Tim Wyatt, from BBC North West Tonight in 1988 to Granada Tonight in 1996.