Welsh Language programmes on S4C are commissioned from many providers. BBC Cymru produces an average of 12 hours of Welsh language programming week for S4C. The rest are commissioned from independent producers. This includes HTV Wales!
Comisiynir rhaglenni S4C o sawl darpwr. Mae BBC Cymru yn cynhyrchu 12 awr o rhaglenni iaith Cymraeg i S4C bob wythnos ar gyfartaledd. Comisiynir y lleill o gynhyrchwyr annibynnol. Mae hyn yn cynnwys HTV Cymru!

Click for larger image Dinas
Click for larger image Dinas (City) was a soap opera set in Cardiff.  It attempted to emulate the success of Pobol Y Cwm, but was taken off air after a couple of years, due to poor ratings and critical attacks in the press.  Viewers clearly unconvinced by characters speaking Welsh on their car phones with Yuppie accents, as they sped around the city!

Click for larger image Elinor ac Eraill
Click for larger image (Elinor and Others) - Chat show fronted by one of the mainstays of Welsh language television, Elinor Jones.  

Pobol Y Cwm - People of the Valley
Pobol Y Cwm is the BBC's longest running television soap. It started on BBC Wales as a weekly serial in 1974 and is still going strong, now on S4C, 5 days a week.

Pobol Y Cwm - People of the Valley
In 1988 following the introduction of a new schedule on S4C, Pobol Y Cwm began running 5 days a week. Not only that, but some scenes would be produced the same day as transmission to enable the soap to be more topical.
Check out the latest goings on in Pobol Y Cwm at BBCi.

Pobol Y Cwm - People of the Valley
2003 and we get a new set of titles for Pobol Y Cwm. A more jazzier and up to date version of the famous theme to the BBC's longest running soap
right clip - end titles from April 2003

Click for larger image Heno - Tonight
Click for larger image Heno (or Tonight) followed the latest news on S4C. The magazine style show highlighted topical , lifestyle, fashion features and interviews to mention a few.

Heno - Tonight
Sadly Heno is no longer produced, replaced by a new magazine programme, Wedi 7 (After 7).
Presenters of Heno included former BBC Wales newsreader Angharad Mair, BBC Radio Wales presenter Roy Noble and former child singer Aled Jones.

Click for larger image Y Byd Ar Bedwar
Click for larger image Y Byd ar Bedwar - The flagship current affairs programme, Y Byd ar Bedwar (The World on Four) has brought hard-hitting investigative journalism to the screen since the launch of S4C in 1982.

Click for larger image Pobol Y Cwm
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