BBC Learning Zone is BBC2's overnight educational strand launched in 1995. Originally marketed as part of BBC2, since 1997 the Learning Zone has been a service in its own right. In 2004 a series of idents based around the four seasons were launched - Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring. Against a backdrop of the familiar oak tree, the summer version shows teenagers having fun - and cooling off. Naturally, the time of year depicted the seasonal idents.

Click for larger image BBC Learning Zone
Click for larger image This is our earliest example of BBC Learning Zone from around late 1996.

Click for larger image BBC Learning Zone
Click for larger image BBC Learning Zones ident, featuring a falling acorn and sprouting tree, symbolising planting a seed of information which can grow into a mighty tree of knowledge (or something like that).  Here's a menu of whats coming up on BBC LZ.

BBC Learning Zone
Example of the Summer version of the BBC Learning Zone ident.

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By now The Open University becomes part of BBC Learning Zone, as depicted in this schedule slide.

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Click for larger image From the fantastic production music library Atmosphere Music, this is the stereo theme used during the introduction sequence prior to a programme promotion or listings slide.

Composer: Mark Hawkins
Publisher: Atmosphere Music Ltd
Disc Name/Disc No.: Underground / ATMOS84

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