EBC1 - Grandstand of Sport
EBC 1's flagship sports programme, Grandstand of Sport

Click for larger image Junior Kick Start
Click for larger image During every Bank Holiday season for years BBC Pebble Mill made this motorcycle series. The contestants had to ride their motors over a host of unusual objects and over dangerous countryside. A few years later the children were allowed to do the same and Peter Purves kept watch.

Click for larger image Olympics '88 Promo
This was the last time ITV was to cover the Olympics, and for that matter the only time Channel 4 ever has covered the Games.
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Click for larger image Channel 4 Olympics '88 Promo
Click for larger image Channel 4 broadcast the overnight coverage from the Seoul Games and ITV broadcast the daytime coverage although, due to the time difference, the bulk of the live action was on Channel 4 with ITV mainly showing highlights packages. Channel 4 broadcast ten hours of live coverage, from around 11.30pm until its then regular start time of 9.30am. ITV then picked up the baton later in the morning.

Click for larger image International Volleyball
Click for larger image Channel 4 broadcast a variety of minor sports during its first years on air. Notice how the Channel 4 blocks get involved in the action!

Click for larger image Trans World Sport
Click for larger image A weekly round-up of international sporting action. 20 years later the programme is still going strong.

Channel Four Cycling
For many years Channel 4 was the cycling channel hosting the Tour De France and City Centre Cycling...

Click for larger image USA World Cup 94
Click for larger image SBS Australia's titles for its coverage of USA 94.
(Clip recorded by Matt Howe)

Channel 5 Football
Channel 5 get into the football spirit with this sequence from the late nineties.

On Sport Champions League
ITV's troubled digital chaanel, On Digital has exclusive live footage...

Cricket's Caribbean Summer
Mark Nicholas takes a fireside end of year lookback at the 2000 test series between England and the West Indies.

Click for larger image Cricket on Five
Click for larger image In 2006, Five took over the highlights contract for test cricket played in England. Mark Nicholas, who had presented the coverage for Channel 4, introduces the programme.

Click for larger image UEFA Europa League
Click for larger image Five is the main broadcaster of the Europa League and Colin Murray introduces the action.

Click for larger image Channel 4 Racing
Click for larger image Horse racing has always been a major part of Channel 4's sporting portfolio and has been the only sport shown on the channel throughout its history, intially only midweek meetings were shown but when World of Sport ended in 1985, racing became a staple of Saturday afternoons on 4, and more than 25 years on this remains the case.